Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

The Best Process for Prefabricated Pump Stations

Romtec Utilities handles all types of pump station projects for many different applications. On virtually all of our projects, Romtec Utilities provides prefabrication services on major pump station assemblies.

Armorock Polymer Concrete with Label

Precast Polymer Concrete

Precast polymer concrete is similar to precast concrete. The primary difference is that typical concrete uses a binding agent of Portland cement while polymer concrete uses polymers such as polyethylene, resins, and many others.

Pressure Relief Valve Assembly

Pressure Relief and Pressure Reducing Vaults

We are now offering a new prefabricated product with complete pressure relief and pressure reducing vaults and assemblies, also called PRVs for short.

Safety Considerations for Lifting Submersible Pumps

Romtec Utilities engineers and supplies complete pump stations with all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications systems, and the overwhelming majority of new pump stations utilize submersible pumps.

Large Control Panel for Complex Lift Station

Choosing the Best Control Panel Telemetry

Romtec Utilities designs every aspect of new pumping system, including all of the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. Communication devices, primarily called telemetry, are also included in our design and engineering services.

Duplex Pump System in Wet Well Design

Duplex Pump Configurations in Sewer Lift Stations

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, manufactures, and supplies all types of pumping systems for a wide variety of applications. The duplex pump configuration is one of the most common configurations in a pump station design, and it provides owners with several benefits.

Wet Well Safety Hatch with Fall Protection

Hatch Load Rating Configurations

Pumping system structural components carry specific load ratings. These ratings can significantly impact the design and configuration of the system hatches.

Engineering Booster Pump Stations with Expansion Tanks

In booster pump stations, water pressure is maintained for the most part by pumps, either in-line, submersible, or otherwise. Another way that booster pump stations maintain water pressure is through a design component called an expansion tank.

A Graphic Displaying the Active Volume for A Pump Station with Float Level Sensors

Calculating Active Volume for Pump and Lift Stations

One key aspect of pump station engineering provided by Romtec Utilities is determining the appropriate “active volume” for the pumping system to protect the lifespan and functionality of the system pumps.

Lift Station Interior Wet Well Start Up

Draw Down Testing on New Pump Stations

Romtec Utilities commissions each of its pump stations with a start-up technician. The role of this technician is to start the pump station for the first time and to test the system to make sure it functions per the system design criteria. One of these tests is called the draw down test.

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