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Wastewater lift station by Romtec Utilities.

Draw Down Testing on New Pump Stations

Romtec Utilities commissions each of its pump stations with a start-up technician. The role of this technician is to start the pump station for the first time and to test the system to make sure it functions per the system design criteria. One of these tests is called the draw down test.

Gossamer Grove Lift Station Control Building

Romtec Utilities designs, supplies, and fully integrates pump stations, control panels, and other systems into site-built control buildings like this recent lift station project for the Gossamer Grove residential development in Shafter California.

Best Practices for In-Well Wastewater Mixing

Designing a functional wastewater lift station can sometimes include unique design challenges, and one fairly common example of a design challenge is integrating mixing and/or water agitation to the pumping system.

Retrofitting Pump Stations with New Top Slab Hatches

The best method for replacing a hatch is replacing the entire top slab for concrete wet wells or vault structures as a retrofit process.

Wet Well Advantages with Precast Concrete and Fiberglass

Romtec Utilities engineers and manufactures robust and functional pump stations with many wet well materials, and precast concrete and fiberglass are two of the best well and vault materials available for pump station applications.

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