Davit Cranes and Pump Station Maintenance

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, and manufactures pump stations as complete packages, including some equipment that improves the operation of the system. Davit cranes are one option that can be included with many pump stations and offer several benefits to both owners and operators of the system.

Level Sensor Technologies Pt. 6 – Bubblers

Bubbler level sensors excel in providing continuous level measurements in applications where submerged sensors may be damaged.

Conductive Probe as Primary Level Sensor with Backup Float

Level Sensor Technologies Pt. 5 – Conductive Probes

Conductive probes make an excellent backup level sensing option in many applications, but are primarily used in municipal wastewater systems. Their functionality requires water to make contact with one of the points on the sensor to allow an electrical current to pass through and complete a circuit.

Submersible Pressure Transducer

Level Sensor Technologies Pt. 4 – Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transducers are incredible reliable sensors in pump station applications and are unaffected by many of the challenging conditions that impact other level sensors.

Radar Level Sensor in Industrial Pumping System

Level Sensor Technologies Pt. 3 – Radar

Radar level sensors do have a high cost, but they are extremely versatile and are suitable for many difficult operating conditions.

Installed Package Lift Station for Conveying Wastewater to Treatment

Level Sensor Technologies Pt. 2 – Ultrasonic Transducers

Today we’ll be covering ultrasonic transducers, a reliable level sensing method that uses acoustic signals to determine levels inside the wet well.

Wastewater Lift Station Interior View of Wet Well Ready for Start-Up

Level Sensor Technologies Pt. 1 – Mechanical Floats

Level sensors are components that are included in nearly every pump station, and they are integral to the operation of the pumping system. There are many different level sensor technologies available, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and ideal water conditions.

Concrete Top Slab with Aluminum Hatch and Cable Tray

The Advantages of Cable Trays for Pump Disconnects

Cable trays are unique additions to the structural wet well that grant a protected space to route disconnect cables through between the in-well components and the control or disconnect panels.

Power Production Facility for Large Area

New Heat Recovery Steam Generator Recirculation Pumping System

These two new HRSG pumping systems for the OUC operated Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center are sophisticated systems that were engineered to very specific operational requirements. Many additional specifications and requirements were met through the design of these systems, and these major features are good examples of the type of expertise that Romtec Utilities brings to these types of industrial projects.

Complete Stormwater Pump Station on Walkway with Brick Pavers

Modular Wetland Systems & Stormwater Pump Stations

Stormwater systems provide a vital service to water infrastructure as urban development continues to grow and new construction takes place in low elevation areas.

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