Natural Gas Pipeline Metering Station in Flood Plain

Protecting Stormwater Pump Stations from Overwhelming Flows

Stormwater systems provide a vital service to water infrastructure as urban development continues to grow and new construction takes place in low elevation areas.

Arc Armor Control Panel Enclosure in Romtec Utilities Shop

Should You Use a Motor Control Center or an Arc Armor Enclosure

Control panels are an integral piece to any pumping system, and there are many different configurations that can provide robust pump station controls. Two common and reliable configurations are the motor control center (or MCC) and Arc Armor enclosures.

Operational Valves for Wastewater Lift Station with Fiberglass Ladder and Lighting

Combination Air Valves and Pump Stations

The dynamics of pumping into a pressurized pipeline requires that air is vented out of and into the pipe during pump station starts and stops, respectively. Additionally, accumulated air needs to be discharged continuously while the pumps are active without having an impact on pressure.

Wastewater Lift Station with Efficient High Flow Solids Removal System

Santa Barbara County – Northern Branch Jail

Romtec Utilities supplied a wastewater lift station during the development of the Santa Barbara County Northern Branch Jail near Santa Maria, California.

Wastewater Lift Station with Disconnect Panel and Existing Controls

Monitoring Pump Stations Remotely with Telemetry

New pump station technologies eliminate the need for site visits by recording and communicating useful information to operations personnel in real-time using telemetry. There are many devices and technologies that constitute telemetry, choosing the right telemetry in your pump station offers many advantages throughout the life of the entire system.

Pump Station Control Panel with Remote Management System

Common Electrical Control Configurations for Pump Stations

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a control panel configuration, and each option offers its own advantages. Whether it is a PLC, an Alternator, or a proprietary controller, Romtec Utilities can design and supply a control panel suited to your specific application and needs.

Romtec Utilities Team Cores All Necessary Holes Prior to Delivery

Pre-Coring Concrete Pump Station Components

Romtec Utilities favors precoring penetrations and preassembling many aspects of the pumping system. As the designer, engineer, and manufacturer of the pumping system, Romtec Utilities virtually never makes a mistake related to locating and coring penetrations.

Six-Post Shelter in a Wastewater Lift Station

Shade Structures for Protecting Control Panels

Installing a shelter or shade structure at your pump station site is an effective way to prevent weather conditions from damaging the electrical controls of your pump station.

Groundwater Replenishment Pump Station in Southern California

Designing High-Flow Pump Stations with Axial Flow Pumps

Some project requirements specify the need to move a very high volume of water without generating a lot of pressure. One of the best technologies for meeting these criteria is the axial flow pump.

Constructed Pump Station in Industrial Setting

Romtec Utilities Services after Purchasing a Pump Station

Romtec Utilities offers many services after your system is purchased, so here is a look at some of the more important services we provide all our customers.

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