DJ Farms – Large Residential Development

Project Assets

Project Description

This City of Guadalupe, California needed a new wastewater lift station to accommodate a residential development for up to 800 homes. This lift station was designed with a duplex pump configuration utilizing 5 hp Ebara, solids-handling explosion proof pumps. It was designed with a precast concrete wet well and valve vault. The lift station controls comprise NOLTA floats for primary level sensing and a logic relay panel configuration with an onsite backup generator. The entire system was designed to handle multiple flow requirements spread across six phases of the development.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Lift Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Lift Station Supplier
  • Package Lift Station Manufacturer
  • Package Lift Station Specification Writer
  • Lift Station Site Plan Layout Designer
  • On-Site Lift Station Construction Adviser
  • On-Site Start-Up Management
135 36.8′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

Romtec Utilities was first contacted by Bethel Engineering, the site engineer, to provide a lift station design for the DJ Farms development, now known as Pasadera. Bethel Engineering with the developer, MKL 2005 LLC, purchased the design of the lift station. Romtec Utilities then assisted with getting the lift station design approved by the City of Guadalupe. MKL 2005 purchased the lift station package to be installed by a subcontractor, R. Baker, Inc. After the lift station was manufactured and installed, Romtec Utilities commissioned the station for operation.

Guadalupe, CA|135 GPM – 36.8′ TDH