Georgia Transmission Corporation – Septic Sewer System Replacement Lift Station

Hay Bales Being Used to Prevent Surface Flows from Entering Pump Station Hay Bales Being Used to Prevent Surface Flows from Entering Pump Station

Project Assets

Project Description

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied a small wastewater lift station to replace an existing septic sewer system in Forsyth, Georgia. The lift station handles low flows of wastewater against medium head conditions and connects to a newly constructed force main. Two Ebara submersible pumps with 3hp motors were installed to meet these flow requirements and provide redundancy protection. In addition to the mechanical systems and structural components for the pump station, Romtec Utilities also provided the electrical controls for the system using an alternator relay control panel. Electrical controls were configured with multiple mechanical floats for wastewater level sensing. Controls were installed inside a weather-proof NEMA 4 painted steel enclosure to provide the most protection for this outdoor application.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Lift Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Lift Station Supplier
  • Package Lift Station Manufacturer
  • On-Site Construction Adviser
  • On-Site Start-Up Management
  • Lift Station Site Plan Layout Designer
55 49′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

Romtec Utilities was contacted to design and supply a wastewater lift station to replace an aging septic sewer systems for the Georgia Transmission Corporation’s (GTC) Electric Cooperative Training Center in Georgia. We worked directly with Southland Services, the site engineer, on the design of the lift station according to the specific site requirements and the new force main that was constructed. This was a unique project for GTC as it is the only pump station they own and operate. The maintenance of the lift station was delegated to a third party contractor who also performed the install of the lift station, Pyles Plumbing Utility & Utility Contractors. After the installation of the underground structural components were completed, Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane, flooded the site with significant amounts of rainfall and required multiple barriers to be placed around the system. These helped to prevent the wet well from being flooded while waiting for Romtec Utilities startup technician to commission the system after this extreme weather event.

Forsyth, GA| 55 GPM – 49′ TDH