Magnolia Pacific School – High Flow Stormwater Pump Station

Project Assets

Project Description

One aspect during the construction of Magnolia Pacific Technical School was a stormwater pump station. This system would handle extremely high flows of stormwater and pump it to treatment. To handle this high flow rate, 40 hp Ebara submersible pumps were supplied in a duplex configuration. The pump station was installed at the finish grade of the parking lot, and the wet well, top slab, and hatch are rated with and h-20 occasional traffic rating. The precast concrete wet well was designed with 10’ ID barrels and monolithic base to contain that high water volume requirements. AST pressure transducers comprise the primary and backup liquid-level sensing inside the wet well.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Lift Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Lift Station Supplier
  • Package Lift Station Manufacturer
  • Package Lift Station Specification Writer
  • On-Site Lift Station Construction Adviser
  • On-Site Start-Up Management
4.5 21.3′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

Brandow & Johnston, the engineer for the project, contacted Romtec Utilities to design two pump stations for a stormwater and a wastewater application on this project. Romtec Utilities provided complete design drawings for Brandow & Johnston to use prior to the project going out to bid. Fisher, Inc. was awarded the installation of both the wastewater lift station and the stormwater pump station. Romtec Utilities worked with Fisher Inc. to supply the pumping system to meet their schedule. Romtec Utilities also supplied an installation advisor to provide assistance during the installation process. The owner of the pumping systems, Magnolia Pacific Technical School, received training and O&M documentation for both systems.

Santa Ana, CA|4.5 MGD – 21.3′ TDH