North Bend Cottages – Stormwater Pump Station for Small Housing Development

Project Assets

Project Description

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied a stormwater pump station for a small housing development in North Bend, Washington. The pump station handles medium flows of stormwater using Gould submersible pumps with 1.5 hp motors. The system operational valves for the pump station were mounted to the interior of the wet well structure to meet the requirements of this site. During pump failures or other causes of system overflow, stormwater will drain to a catch basin located in an adjacent alley. A flashing alarm beacon is mounted to the front of the control panel enclosure for directly notifying local personnel when there is an issue with the system. Electrical controls use an alternator controller configured for this duplex pumping application.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Pump Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Pump Station Supplier
  • Package Pump Station Manufacturer
  • On-Site Construction Adviser
  • On-Site Start-Up Management
  • Pump Station Site Plan Layout Designer
130 12.5′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

North Bend Cottages is a small housing development located in the downtown area of North Bend, Washington. While developing the property, Rivers West Development, reached out to Romtec Utilities for the design and supply of a site-specific stormwater system to meet the requirements of their project. The design criteria for the pump station, including flow requirements, elevations, and information regarding the new and existing force main was supplied by Group Four, the engineering firm working for the developer. Overflow protections were added to the system to meet the local municipality’s design standards for new stormwater management systems as well. The complete system design was reviewed and approved by Pertreet, an engineering consultant for the City. The developer also installed the pump station while Romtec Utilities provided an install adviser onsite. Once the final site work was completed and power was available, Romtec Utilities sent a start-up technician to the job site to commission the pump station and provide training for the owners and operators.

North Bend, WA| 130 GPM – 12.5′ TDH