Pacific Grove Golf Course – Wastewater Pump Station for Effluent Recycling

Project Assets

Project Description

The Pacific Grove Golf Course in California needed a wastewater lift station to pump medium flows of raw sewage to an effluent treatment and recycling system. This lift station was engineered with 3 hp Ebara submersible centrifugal pumps in a duplex configuration. A prefabricated lift station valve vault contains the operation valves, flowmeter, air release valve, and a separate sump pump to prevent water damage inside the vault. The lift station electrical controls comprise an Allen-Bradley control panel inside a NEMA 4x enclosure for outdoor weather protection. A pressure transducer was engineered as the primary level sensor, and NOLTA floats provided redundant level controls. The complete in-well electrical systems were wired for intrinsically safe standards.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Lift Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Lift Station Supplier
  • Package Lift Station Manufacturer
  • Lift Station Site Plan Layout Designer
  • On-Site Lift Station Construction Adviser
  • On-Site Start-Up Management
230 18.5′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

PACE, a civil engineering firm, contacted Romtec Utilities to provide this lift station for a project they were working on with a partnering firm, PERC Water. The overall project was an effort to improve the efficiency of the Pacific Grove water supply. PERC Water was contacted to provide a water treatment facility for the golf course that would recycle wastewater and use it for the golf course irrigation. Water reuse projects like this have become commonplace to mitigate drought conditions in California. Romtec Utilities provided the lift station that collected and pumped wastewater to the treatment facility. We worked alongside PERC and MPE (Monterey Peninsula Engineering), the lift station installer, on this project to design and supply a lift station that would meet the requirements of all the involved parties.

Pacific Grove, CA|230 GPM – 18.5′ TDH