Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority – Stormwater Reclamation and Filtration System

Project Assets

Project Description

Romtec Utilities designed, engineered, manufactured, and delivered a stormwater pump station for a stormwater reclamation system in Fremont, California. The system discharges low flows of stormwater with a duplex configuration of Flygt 1.9 hp pumps installed in the wet well. Discharged stormwater is sent to an absorption water filtration system to be treated. Romtec Utilities needed to adjust system calculations to accommodate for the lost “head” as a result of discharging into this type of treatment system. Adjacent to the wet well, the concrete valve vault contains swing check valves and plug valves to prevent backflow. Drainage at the base of the valve vault empties back into the wet well. Electrical controls for this groundwater reclamation system include a landline auto dialer to inform operators of any problems during operation.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Pump Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Pump Station Supplier
  • Package Pump Station Manufacturer
  • Package Pump Station Specification Writer
62 36′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

This stormwater pump station is part of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) stormwater reclamation system. Romtec Utilities was contacted to provide the mechanical portion of this system while partnering with Shape, Inc., to provide a complete stormwater pump station as a site-specific design. This system’s functions is to collect stormwater through gravity lines and discharge it through a water filtration system for re-use. Once the design was reviewed and approved by YEI Engineering, who managed the project, the system was purchased by RGW Construction, the contractor who won the project through public bid.

Fremont, CA|62 GPM – 36′ TDH