Westfield Valley Fair Mall – Parking Lot Stormwater Runoff Pump Station

Project Assets

Project Description

The revitalization of a large mall in Santa Clara, CA required a new pump station to handle low flows of stormwater runoff from a section of the parking lot. This system utilized an economic design with a 4-foot ID precast concrete wet well, schedule 80 PVC discharge piping, and small ½ hp Weil pumps in a duplex configuration. This system included NOLTA floats for liquid level sensing, and a UL-listed control panel was provided with a weather-rate NEMA 4 enclosure. The entire in-well electrical system and the control panel were wired for intrinsically safe applications.

What Romtec Utilities Provided

  • Lift Station Design & Engineering
  • Package Lift Station Supplier
  • Package Lift Station Manufacturer
  • Package Lift Station Specification Writer
  • On-Site Lift Station Construction Adviser
  • On-Site Start-Up Management
31 10.7′

Why They Chose Romtec Utilities

Westfield Engineering contacted Romtec Utilities for the design and supply of this stormwater pump station. We provided a complete pump station design and a specification that was used to take the project out to bid. Romtec Utilities also worked with HMH, Inc, the civil engineer, to get the specification documents approved. Graniterock was the awarded contractor for the construction and installation of the new stormwater pump station. Romtec Utilities provided an on-site construction advisor for Graniterock to provide helpful insights about installing a Romtec Utilities’ pump station. After construction, Romtec Utilities commissioned the pumping system provide start-up, testing, and training for the pump station owners.

Santa Clara, CA|31 GPM – 10.7′ TDH