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Exterior Wet Well Coating

Interior and Exterior Wet Well Coatings and Linings for Precast Concrete

Precast concrete components, such as wet wells or manholes, have the potential to encounter corrosive elements in water. There are several methods of protecting concrete components for particular site specific conditions. Corrosive elements are typically known when dealing with a specific water type or circumstance. Hydrogen Sulfide is typically a byproduct in wastewater –especially in hotter climates, while industrial water processing can be caustic or acidic. All of these instances can severely shorten the life cycle for concrete components if the concrete is not protected.

3D Drawing of a Double Wall Sump

True Double-Wall Fiberglass Wet Wells with Leak Detection

Romtec Utilities designs pump and lift station systems with true double-wall sumps and leak detection, sometimes known as secondary containment tanks. Lift stations with these sumps are extremely robust and are suitable for hazardous water types, corrosive liquids, and regulated environmental locations. Romtec Utilities has worked on several recent projects that required double-wall wet wells and suggests this type of wet well structure for any environmentally sensitive liquids or other sensitive water containment requirements.

Chemical Feed Odor Control Electrical Panel

Passive Odor Control vs. Chemical Feed Systems

Romtec Utilities designs many different types of odor control systems for wastewater lift stations. Although there are a lot of odor control technologies available, there are two main thoughts behind odor control for wastewater. The first thought is referred to at Romtec Utilities as “passive odor control.” The second thought is referred to as “chemical feed systems.”

Design Criteria Specification Drawing from Romtec Utilities

Lift Station Design Help from Romtec Utilities

Each lift station project is unique. Whether you are pumping wastewater, stormwater, industrial water, or clean water, Romtec Utilities provides expert design services for every type of pumping application. Our design services go beyond simply meeting pumping requirements, design criteria, and design standards. With Romtec Utilities, you get an experienced company that knows how to design lift stations in wide-ranging circumstances. Many lift station designs are created by working with multiple agencies, solving unique water circumstances, providing correct electrical plans, and other significant advantages.

Globe-Style Silent Check Valves

Pump Station Check Valve Basics

Check valves are an important component of any lift station design. Without check valves, the pumps and wet well of a lift station can be subject to damage from backflow. Backflow occurs when the lift station pumps stop operating and the water in the force main and discharge piping flows back into the wet well. In virtually every case, the backflow creates high levels of hydraulic pressure that pumps and wet wells are not designed to handle. The solution is a check valve. This simple device is available in several models and configurations and each variety can impact the design and cost of a lift station system.

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