City of Palmdale
City of Palmdale | Industrial Pump Station
389 GPM | 54.5′ TDH

A renown aerospace and defense technology company needed an industrial pump station handling stormwater run-off with potential for fuel at their portion of the airport.

Hillsboro, Oregon Logo
City of Hillsboro | Data Center Lift Station
110 GPM | 21.8′ TDH

The civil engineer was Navix Engineering, who reached out to Romtec Utilities looking for assistance with the design of a wastewater lift station for an industrial project for T5 data centers in Hillsboro, OR.

West Lafayette Logo
City of West Lafayette | Three Industrial Systems

F.A. Wilhelm originally brought us the “Hot Sump Basin” for our review, and then subsequently added on three other systems. RU ended up doing three total systems including: an Oil Water Separator, a Hot Sump Basin, and a Wash Drains Basin. All these systems will be located inside a building.

City of Scappoose, OR | Wastewater Package Pump Station
426 GPM | 67.8′ TDH

Romtec Utilities worked with Cardno as they were the project driver. RU designed and supplied the lift station to fit the needs of the large development.

MARS Chocolate Factory Logo
MARS, Inc. | Stormwater Lift Station
22 GPM | 0′ TDH

The Romtec Utilities supplied lift station was installed onsite by Nordic Contracting Company, Inc.

Dermody Oxbow Wastewater Lift Station
Dermody Properties | Industrial Wastewater
400 GPM | 46′ TDH

The successful installation and start-up of this station has allowed Dermody Properties to continue their development in one of the “Puget Sound region’s major industrial centers”.

City of San Bernardino Water Department
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department | Wastewater Lift Station
188 GPM | 20.4′ TDH

The recent Washington Avenue Lift Station project in San Bernardino, California, began as a retrofit and ultimately ended as a full system replacement.

US Navy Logo
NAVFAC | Industrial Process Water Pump Station
1000 GPM | 35′ TDH

The Romtec Utilities pump station is just the newest addition to the clean-up efforts, which began in 1981 at the NIROP site.

Developer Group Logo
Rockefeller Group | Stormwater Lift Station
2020 GPM | 14.4′ TDH

The Rockefeller Group purchased 7.81 acres of improved land in order to build the Airway Industrial Park in Otay Mesa, California.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Refining Plant
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical | Stormwater Pump Station for Chemical Refining Plant
475 GPM | 19.7′ TDH

The construction of a hydrogen peroxide refinement plant for the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC) required a pump station to collect and discharge stormwater to an onsite treatment system.

Gulf South Pipeline
Gulf South Pipeline Company | Stormwater Pump Station
50 GPM | 15.1′ TDH

The Westlake Compressor Stormwater Pump Station in Louisiana is just one of three recent Romtec Utilities projects for the Gulf South Pipeline Company, also known as the Boardwalk Pipeline partners.

Trans Bay Cable
Trans Bay Cable | Stormwater Pump Stations for Converter Station
500 GPM | 25′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied two stormwater pump stations for a converter station in the City of Pittsburg, California. The two systems are necessary to supply collected stormwater to an onsite water treatment system before being discharged into the nearby bay.

Orlando Utility Commission
Orlando Utility Commission | HRSG Blowdown Pump Station
100, 800 GPM | 85.6′, 135′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was hired to design and supply pump stations to support a combined-cycle power generation process that requires significant amounts of recirculated water to function for the Orlando Utility Commission in Orlando, FL.

Public Service Enterprise Group | Industrial Stormwater Pump Station
225 GPM | 11.7′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was contacted to design and supply a stormwater pump station as part of an improvement project at an industrial power switch station in Trenton, New Jersey. This is one of several locations where aging infrastructure is being replaced by the local electric company, Public Service Enterprise Group, or PSE&G.

Exelon West Medway Generating Station | Power Plant Pumping Systems
30 – 70 GPM | 10′ – 35′ TDH

The expansion of the Exelon Medway Generating Station required four unique pump stations to support future operations.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Middletown Energy Center | HRSG Blowdown and Process Pumping
480-850 GPM | 25′-35′ TDH

Construction of a new combined cycle power plant in Middletown, OH required 3 pump stations for the operation of its HRSG system. Middletown Energy Center uses natural gas and HRSG to generate power, this process requires significant amounts of water for operation.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Middletown Energy Center | HRSG Water Treatment Pump Station
40 GPM | 25′ TDH

Construction of a new combined cycle power plant in Middletown, OH required 3 pump stations for the operation of its HRSG system. Middletown Energy Center uses natural gas and HRSG to generate power, this process requires significant amounts of water for operation.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Kings Mountain Energy Center | HRSG Blowdown Pumping
480 GPM | 35′ TDH

A new HRSG system required 3 industrial pump stations to provide water for its processes. This HRSG blowdown pump station needed to handle extreme pumping conditions.

Momentum 400X400
Utica East Ohio Midstream LNG Plant | Double-Wall Fiberglass System
150 GPM | 59′ TDH

Utica East Ohio Midstream needed a new pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater runoff at its new Kensington Plant in Ohio. To responsibly contain potentially hazardous stormwater from the topsoil, this pump station was designed with a double-wall fiberglass wet well with interstitial leak detection.

BAE Acetic Acid Plant | Corrosive Water Pumping Skid
300 GPM | 30′ TDH

BAE Systems, Inc. needed a new pumping system that could handle medium flows of industrial wastewater that was also skid mounted.

Dan River Steam Station | Combined Cycle Blow Down Pumping
300 GPM | 20′ TDH

Duke Energy replaced the Dan River Steam Station with a new gas fired power plant and needed a new pump station to handle medium flows of blow down water from the heat recovery steam generator.

MERCK Animal Health
Merck Animal Health | Industrial Wastewater with Variable pH
100 GPM | 21′ TDH

This industrial pumping system was designed to handle medium flows of process wastewater created from cleaning cycles at the Merck Animal Health facility. The wastewater was specified with highly variable pH conditions, so the pumping system was designed with a double-wall fiberglass sump with leak detection.

Praxair, Inc. | Super-High Flow Industrial Lift Station
1800 GPM | 33.5′ TDH

A liquid hydrogen plant required this large 20’ deep lift station to handle super-high flows of industrial wastewater. In order to provide redundancy and expanded pumping capabilities, triplex submersible centrifugal pumps were specified in the 8’ diameter sump.

Marathon Petroleum | Oil Refinery Process Wastewater
75 GPM | 125′ TDH

The Marathon Petroleum Refinery in Robinson, IL needed this new industrial process water pump station to handle its medium flows of highly acidic water combined with standard wastewater.

Tesoro Oil and Water Separator Pump
Tesoro Corporation | Oil/Water Separator Stormwater Pump Station
400 GPM | 30′ TDH

A remote Tesoro Corporation industrial site needed this stormwater pump station to handle water discharged from an oil/water separator which processes on-site runoff. Submersible centrifugal pumps were used in a duplex configuration in this shallow wet well.

Official Logo of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pacific Gas and Electric Company | Industrial Stormwater and Sewer
300 GPM | 23′ TDH

These three package lift stations were designed to meet medium flows of industrial process water with added low flows of industrial stormwater and wastewater.

Tennessee Valley Authority at Shawnee Fossil Plant | Industrial Sewer
50 GPM | 67.7′ TDH

This industrial power plant needed a package lift station to meet the requirements for municipal wastewater. The 23-foot-deep sump holds duplex Goulds submersible sewage pumps specified to meet the 50 gpm maximum flow requirements.

Praxair Hydrogen Refinery | Self-Priming Pumping Skid
540 GPM | 280′ TDH

This packaged pump station was the second of two pump stations supplied for industrial process water and stormwater at two Valero oil refineries. The design criteria specified varying flows which required a duplex pump configuration with an included “jockey” pump to handle the smaller flows.

British Petroleum Cherry Point Refinery | Industrial Stormwater Runoff
350 GPM | 30′ TDH

This package lift station handles the medium flows of stormwater and process water drainage at this oil refinery. A stormwater plan is required at most industrial facilities and BP proactively chose a reliable lift station to manage its environmental footprint.

Basin Electrical Power Cooperative | Industrial Wastewater Pumping
100 GPM | 25′ TDH

This power generation facility installed a package lift station designed for medium sewage flows of industrial wastewater. To protect the submersible solids-handling pumps, an inlet line deflector panel was included in the design.

Oxy 2
Occidental Petroleum at Elk Hills, Inc. | Industrial Water Reuse
200 GPM | 115′ TDH

This package pump station was configured to meet the medium flow requirements for this clean water power generation process and reuse system. The system has a large precast-concrete rectangular sump with a barrier wall –or weir wall- to reduce turbulence for the pumps.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative | Clean Water Industrial Pumping
130 GPM | 45′ TDH

The Groton Generating Station needed this package lift station to pump clean water as a part of its power generating processes from natural gas. The submersible centrifugal pumps in a duplex configuration meet the pumping requirements for this facility and discharge the water to parallel force mains.

Praxair Hydrogen Refinery | Mixed Industrial Water Pump Station
562 GPM | 200′ TDH

This was the first of two packaged pump stations needed to handle varying flows of industrial process water and stormwater at a hydrogen refinery. Submersible centrifugal pumps in a duplex configuration also included a submersible “jockey” pump.

Ajax Gas Plant | Industrial Stormwater and Process Water
200 GPM | 50′ TDH

This package pump station was designed to meet a low flow of industrial process water with added low flows of industrial stormwater. The dual purposes of this pump station required shaft-driven centrifugal pumps with the motors located above-grade.

US Army, Fort Lewis, Washington
US Army, Fort Lewis, Washington | Industrial Water Lift Station
100 GPM | 10′ TDH

This package lift station in Fort Lewis was configured to meet the medium flow requirements for a federal industrial process system with stormwater to treatment. Submersible centrifugal pumps are protected from turbulence by a drop bowl.