Classified Water Conditions

Pumping Systems for Classified Sites or Proprietary System Integrations

Interior Pumping System

We Prefabricate Aspects of Your System for Easy Installation on Classified Sites

Romtec Utilities provides multiple levels of prefabrication on our pump stations, which can be a big advantage when constructing on a classified site. Prefabrication and our staged deliveries make installation quick and straightforward for your contractor to keep activity on your site minimized.

Get Your Pumping System Engineered for All 50 States or Internationally

For military, industrial, and other classified sites, you can get a pumping system from Romtec Utilities anywhere in the world. Our Engineers understand the requirements of each state and international guidelines. We can prepare a system to be shipped and installed by the client to keep your security in place anywhere.

Our Technicians are Experienced in Working at Classified Sites

Romtec Utilities makes certain our personnel arrive as scheduled and with proper documentation for your site. Our technicians are experienced when it comes to working on sites with classified operations, proprietary secrets, and matters of national security. Our experience is a great value for working on any location.

We Meet Special Design Requirements with Limited Available Information

Every pumping system is different, and at times, Romtec Utilities will design a system with limited available information. We are experienced at communication system engineering which allows our clients to control the information that gets shared, especially from classified locations and projects.

Classified Water Conditions Projects

BAE Acetic Acid Plant | Corrosive Water Pumping Skid
300 GPM | 30′ TDH

BAE Systems, Inc. needed a new pumping system that could handle medium flows of industrial wastewater that was also skid mounted.

US Navy Logo
NAVFAC | Industrial Process Water Pump Station
1000 GPM | 35′ TDH

The Romtec Utilities pump station is just the newest addition to the clean-up efforts, which began in 1981 at the NIROP site.

Utica East Ohio Midstream LNG Plant | Double-Wall Fiberglass Sumps
75 GPM | 67′ TDH

Utica East Ohio Midstream needed two new pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater runoff at its new Kensington Plant in Ohio.

Getting a Classified Water Conditions Station



Romtec Utilities provides full engineering and design services to meet the specific goals of your project. Romtec Utilities’ Engineers are experts in water conveyance systems across a wide array of water types and applications. We work with our clients through every step of the process, from preliminary designs and budgetary estimates, submittal and review processes, installation, and all the way through start-up, training, and warranty.


Project Support

With Romtec Utilities you gain the support of our dedicated project management team at every step-from planning through installation. Romtec Utilities covers a vast scope of services that help execute the design, supply, construction, testing, and training of your pump system to ensure its success at the site location.



Romtec Utilities provides a high level of system prefabrication prior to delivery of the system to the jobsite. This greatly reduces construction cost and installation time, as well as potential project delays and change orders. This high level of prefabrication can often reduce installation time from weeks to days. Additionally, Romtec Utilities takes pride in our quality control processes, ensuring that when the system is delivered to the job site everything will function as designed.



Romtec Utilities ensures the quality and success of every pumping system from the early stages of design, all the way through installation and construction. Romtec Utilities will send experienced installation advisors to the site who will advise the installing contractor throughout the installation process providing all parties with the reassurance that the station is constructed and ultimately functioning as designed.



Romtec Utilities’ startup, testing, and training services are essential to the success of any pumping system. Following installation our technicians are on-site working directly with all parties to field check the control panel, operate the pumps, perform system testing, and provide world class training to all maintenance personnel.



With Romtec Utilities, every complete pump station is covered with a standard one-year warranty. Romtec Utilities also provides ongoing support from our entire team throughout the lifetime of our products. This support is provided to ensure that every pump and lift station project is successful.