Flood Control

Recent Projects

City of Colton
City of Colton, CA | Stormwater Runoff Pump Station
74.5 GPM | 19.7′ TDH

This project was brought to us by David Evans and Associates, Inc. (DEA) Santa Clarita for another Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) project. The purpose of the system is to capture stormwater runoff that could contain diesel from the wash-down/maintenance area.

Flood Control

Union Pacific Railroad | Stormwater Package Pump Station
3740.5 GPM | 31.4′ TDH

This project was initially recognized as a rehabilitation project but Romtec Utilities and David Evans and Associates, Inc. determined that they needed a replacement lift station to meet their increased stormwater demands.

Indian Health Service Davis
Indian Health Service | Stormwater Lift Station
215 GPM | 18.6′ TDH

The IHS is the Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives, and worked with Cecil & Cecil in a larger project to construct a new in-patient clinic for substance abuse.

Net Lease Alliance 1
Net Lease Alliance | Stormwater Lift Station
200 GPM | 12.4′ TDH

NLA Spring Valley LLC was constructing a commercial development and in need of a stormwater lift station. This Romtec Utilities stormwater pump system was needed for small and 100-year storm events for a commercial development.

City of Lemoore California
City of Lemoore | Turnkey Sewer Lift Station
311 GPM | 16.5′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed, supplied, and installed a wastewater lift station for a new housing development in Lemoore, California. The lift station connects to the city sewer with medium flows of wastewater to treatment.

Laguna Canyon Group | Stormwater Pump Station with On-Site Water Treatment
14 GPM | 22′ TDH

The development of multiple retail outlets in San Clemente, California required the installation of a stormwater pump station. The system needed to work with the specifications of another pumping system by discharging collected stormwater through an on-site biofiltration treatment system.

Official Logo for Orange County Water Distrct
Orange County | Stormwater Lift Station
1347 GPM | 72′ TDH

This project is a new lift station handling low flows in the Santa Ana Delhi Channel in Newport Beach, California. This system collects stormwater in a 10’ inner diameter (ID) wet well that reaches 32’ in depth. In the bottom of the well, three Ebara 20 horsepower (HP) submersible pumps sit ready to pump out the water.

Washington County | Groundwater Management Pump Stations
38 – 52 GPM | 19.9′ – 25.2′ TDH

Seismic upgrades to the Washington County Public Service Building required the installation of five stormwater pump stations.

Sage Apartments | Big and Little Stormwater Pump Stations
23, 2850 GPM | 25.4′, 17.5′ TDH

Sage at Cerritos is a new luxury apartment complex in Cerritos, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Romtec Utilities provided two stormwater pump stations for this residential development aptly referred to as “big stormwater” and “little stormwater”.

Port of Portland Airport Parking Structure
Portland International Airport | Parking Structure Stormwater Pump Station
3600 GPM | 46.4′ TDH

The construction of a new multi-level parking garage at the Portland International Airport (PDX) required a stormwater pump station to handle high flows of stormwater.

Port of Portland Airport Parking Structure
Portland International Airport | High Volume Stormwater Pump Station
18,140 GPM | 10.62′ TDH

The Portland International Airport (PDX) needed a very large pump station to discharge high volumes of stormwater to a runoff creek from one of its runways.

Magnolia Public Schools 400X400
Magnolia Pacific School | High Flow Stormwater Pump Station
3,146 GPM | 21.3′ TDH

One aspect during the construction of Magnolia Pacific Technical School was a stormwater pump station. This system would handle extremely high flows of stormwater and pump it to treatment.

Bay 101 Casino Logo
Bay 101 | Six Low-Flow Stormwater Pump Stations
31-187 GPM | 10.2′-20.6′ TDH

The new Bay 101 casino required 6 stormwater pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater in San Jose, California. Each pump station will help serve new hotels as this casino facility expands. These pump stations needed to meet the low flow requirements while maintaining consistent head conditions.

Magnolia Public Schools 400X400
Magnolia Pacific School | Wastewater Lift Station
78 GPM | 13.7′ TDH

The construction of the Magnolia Pacific Technical School in Santa Ana, California needed a wastewater lift station to handle its sewage with medium flows of 100 gpm. To meet these flow requirements, Romtec Utilities engineered a lift station with 5 hp Weil submersible grinder pumps in a duplex configuration.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Sacramento Municipal Utility District | Deep Well Sewer Lift Station
172 GPM | 94′ TDH

The newly constructed headquarters for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District purchased this package lift station to meet its medium sewage flow requirements. Submersible solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration were specified in a deep well because this facility represents one of the ten largest public utilities in the country.

Seal of the City of Santa Barbara
City of Santa Barbara, California | Dry-Season Stormwater Flows
275 GPM | 17′ TDH

The City of Santa Barbara needed this packaged pump station to manage low stormwater flows from events that occur during the dry season. Duplex submersible pumps capable of passing a 3-inch solid pump the water into an existing sanitary sewer pressure main and on to treatment.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Sacramento Municipal Utility District | High Flow Stormwater Pumping
8496 GPM | 43′ TDH

The new headquarters for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District needed this package pump station to handle high flows of stormwater.

University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication | Stormwater Pump Station
350 GPM | 25′ TDH

This package pump station was designed to meet low flows of stormwater expected after the expansion of this university building. The duplex pump configuration with submersible centrifugal pumps provides reliable and lasting pumping capabilities.