Navajo Tribal Utility Authority
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority | Turnkey Lift Station Replacement
58 GPM | 97′ TDH

This National Park Service lift station replacement was a “turnkey” project designed to meet commercial, municipal, and Navajo EPA standards for medium sewage flows. The design included chopper pumps in a duplex configuration, an inlet-line drop bowl, and a separate below-grade valve assembly.

Pinal County, Arizona
Pinal County, AZ | Residential Wastewater Lift Station Project

The Bella Vista Farms is a new residential subdivision in San Tan Valley that was developed for the expanding area. The development needed a large wastewater lift station for the subdivision in Arizona. Lee’s Pipelines who were the utilities contractor reached out to Romtec Utilities for pricing on a control panel, level sensing, generator, and automatic transfer switch.

Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts
Southgate Water District | Booster Pump Station & Integrated Control Building
125 GPM | 75′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied a booster pump station and an integrated control building for an upscale development. This booster system regulates water pressure for the newly constructed homes.

IBM Resiliency Services | Data Center Wastewater Pumping
270 GPM | 36′ TDH

The IBM Boulder Data Center needed to replace a wastewater lift station with a new system to handle medium flows of wastewater generated at the facility. A precast concrete sump includes a pedestrian rated hatch with a safety grate for reliable fall protection. Two, Ebara 5 hp pumps were included in the design for redundant pumping capabilities, and a prefabricated valve vault structure contains check valves and control valves. A UL listed control panel with phase monitoring was engineered in a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure for installation outdoors.

King Sooper’s Marketplace | Commercial Development Lift Station
150 GPM | 6.8′ TDH

The food & drug store serving a nearby university needed this replacement package wastewater lift station for medium flow rates. Submersible solids handling pumps are designed to operate with suspended grease in the water from a cafeteria in the market. The lift station valves are vertically integrated into the sump discharge piping. An indoor UL listed control panel contains an intrinsically safe barrier for the in-well electrical controls, and an autodialer and basic alarm fulfill communication requirements. Floats are the primary and backup level-sensing control devices.

USDA Forest Service | Federal Sewer Lift Station
120 GPM | 90′ TDH

The Green Ridge Campground purchased this lift station replacement that was configured to meet the medium sewage flow requirements of the site. Submersible solids handling pumps in a duplex configuration are protected from influent and turbulence by an inlet line drop bowl. An in-ground valve vault provides easy access to the system valves, actuators, and access port. A UL listed control panel employs float controls for liquid level-sensing and includes an autodialer and basic alarm. The panel was installed on the exterior wall of an existing building.

Chobani, Inc. | Integrated Wastewater Lift Station
83 GPM | 16′ TDH

A second lift station was added shortly after the plans for the Chobani , Inc. manufacturing facility revealed larger flows of wastewater. Similar to the first, this lift station uses two submersible centrifugal pumps to discharge effluent to a pre-treatment facility. The force main length to the pre-treatment facility created low head conditions with medium pumping flows. The system valves are integrated into the discharge pumping to simplify the design and lower the cost, and a simple wall mounted control panel provides uncomplicated system controls.

Chobani, Inc. | Submersible Wastewater Lift Station
20 GPM | 25′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed this packaged wastewater lift station to meet the medium sewage flows of this giant yogurt manufacturing plant. This duplex lift station uses Ebara submersible centrifugal pumps designed for wastewater applications. The force main from this pump station to a pre-treatment facility is not long, creating low head conditions. The system valves are integrated into the discharge piping to simplify the design and lower the cost. An outdoor UL listed control panel is wall mounted to the side of the plant for easy, visible access.

Basin Electrical Power Cooperative | Industrial Wastewater Pumping
100 GPM | 25′ TDH

This power generation facility installed a package lift station designed for medium sewage flows of industrial wastewater. To protect the submersible solids-handling pumps, an inlet line deflector panel was included in the design. The wet well was protected from off-gassing and corrosion by an interlocking fiberglass lining. Conductive probes are used for primary and backup liquid level-sensing with an outdoor UL listed control panel. The panel is outfitted with a basic alarm and an autodialer for telecommunications.

West Mesa Industrial Park
West Mesa Industrial Park | Septic System Replacement Lift Station
733 GPM | 44′ TDH

The US Army Corps of Engineers worked with Romtec Utilities to design this lift station to replace an existing septic system. The resulting package wastewater lift station met the high sewage flows of this publicly owned industrial complex. The submersible sewage pumps in a duplex configuration are explosion proof to meet the wet well space classification. An outdoor UL listed panel utilizes floats and a pressure transducer for intrinsically safe level controls. It also includes an autodialer for communications and a blower for odor control.

City of Clovis New Mexico
City of Clovis, New Mexico | Municipal Sewer Expansion Lift Station
100 GPM | 15.4′ TDH

An expanding sewer system for annexed land required this packaged wastewater lift station. Duplex submersible solids handling pumps are designed to meet the medium flow requirements and pass solids up to a 2” diameter. To save space, the system valves are integrated into the discharge piping in the sump. An outdoor control panel utilizes floats for liquid level-sensing and an intrinsically safe barrier for in-well electrical components. The electrical controls are wall mounted.

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory | High Security Lift Station
225 GPM | 41′ TDH

A high-security federal facility purchased this package lift station to meet medium sewage flow and classified installation requirements. Installation required a 13-foot-diameter hole for the wet well to be drilled to avoid a network of buried conduit and infrastructure. The hole was 45-feet-deep, so custom alignment brackets were provided to set the 6-foot-diameter manhole risers without positioning a person in the hole. For the final step, the gravity line was horizontally drilled 807 ft. from grade to a 16-square-inch junction located on the sump 36 feet below grade.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative | Clean Water Industrial Pumping
130 GPM | 45′ TDH

The Groton Generating Station needed this package lift station to pump clean water as a part of its power generating processes from natural gas. The submersible centrifugal pumps in a duplex configuration meet the pumping requirements for this facility and discharge the water to parallel force mains.

Union Pacific Railroad | Replacement Sewer Collection System
100 GPM | 22′ TDH

The Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed two new sewer lift stations to replace its existing sewer collection system. Each lift station included three precast concrete vault structures, a wet well, valve vault, and metering vault. Both systems use 2 hp Ebara Vortex® sewage pumps in duplex configurations that are explosions proof rated for Class I, Division I locations. The valve assemblies comprise Val-Matic Cam-Centric® plug valves and Swing-Flex® check valves with pressure gauges. Endress and Hauser PROline® electromagnetic flow meters measure the sewage flows for both lift stations. These in-ground valve and meter assemblies were fitted with heat tracing to provide reliable frost protection with Raychem and Digitrace components.

Union Pacific Railroad | Replacement Water Collection System
4000 GPM | 25′ TDH

The Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed two new stormwater pump stations to replace existing systems. The first station used Ebara 25 hp submersible pumps in a triplex configuration to handle stormwater runoff from a parking lot and additional drains. The second station used Ebara 7.5 hp submersible pumps in a duplex configuration to pump stormwater that drains from the pit of a railway turntable. Both systems include precast concrete valve vaults. Each vault was preassembled with Val-Matic Cam-Centric® plug valves, Val-Matic Swing-Flex® check valves, and Ashcroft pressure gauges. Both stormwater systems discharge into an evaporation pond that was installed as a part of this larger water collection replacement, which also included three additional Romtec Utilities wastewater lift stations.