Taking the Waste Out of Water
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District | Wastewater Lift Station
180 GPM | 27′ TDH

Romtec Utilities supplied a wastewater lift station that will be owned and maintained by the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.

Official Logo for Orange County Water Distrct
Orange County | Stormwater Lift Station
1347 GPM | 72′ TDH

This project is a new lift station handling low flows in the Santa Ana Delhi Channel in Newport Beach, California. This system collects stormwater in a 10’ inner diameter (ID) wet well that reaches 32’ in depth. In the bottom of the well, three Ebara 20 horsepower (HP) submersible pumps sit ready to pump out the water.

City of Sacramento Seal
City of Sacramento | Stormwater Pump Station at Baseball Complex
930 GPM | 24.1′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied a stormwater pump station for the new Army Depot Park in Sacramento, California. The pump station was designed for the 10-year storm and is capable of pumping 930 gallons of stormwater per minute.

Laguna Canyon Group | Stormwater Pump Station with On-Site Water Treatment
14 GPM | 22′ TDH

The development of multiple retail outlets in San Clemente, California required the installation of a stormwater pump station. The system needed to work with the specifications of another pumping system by discharging collected stormwater through an on-site biofiltration treatment system.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority | Stormwater Reclamation and Filtration System
62 GPM | 36′ TDH

This stormwater pump station is part of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) stormwater reclamation system.

Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites
Mitsubishi Manufacturing | Identical Stormwater Pump Stations
500 GPM | 15′-15.3′ TDH

A Mitsubishi manufacturing plant in Sacramento, California needed two new matching pump stations to handle low-flows of stormwater from an on-site treatment system.

East Bay Municipal Utility District | Water Treatment Settling Pond
2085 GPM | 118′ TDH

Refurbishing a shut-down water treatment plant required a new pump station to pump high flows of water. The unique application drains water used in a cleaning process into a large settling pond.

City Seal for Dana Point California
Doheny Village | Simplex Stormwater Pump Station
50 GPM | 14′ TDH

City improvements for the Doheny Village in Dana Point, California required a new stormwater pump station for the residential revitalization. To meet the required flows, the new pump station utilized a 1/3 hp Goulds submersible pump in a simplex configuration.

Bay 101 Casino Logo
Bay 101 | Six Low-Flow Stormwater Pump Stations
31-187 GPM | 10.2′-20.6′ TDH

The new Bay 101 casino required 6 stormwater pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater in San Jose, California. Each pump station will help serve new hotels as this casino facility expands. These pump stations needed to meet the low flow requirements while maintaining consistent head conditions.

Pomona College
Pomona College | Science Laboratory Lift Station
370 GPM | 14.5′ TDH

Pomona College in Claremont, California needed this new stormwater pump station to handle a wide flow range of runoff.

Contech 400X400
Contech Plant | Pumping to Treatment Pond
660 GPM | 24.3′ TDH

Contech Engineered Solutions needed this pump station to pump medium flows of clean water from a Contech filtration system to a nearby treatment pond. This system was designed with 5 hp Ebara pumps in a duplex configuration.

Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria | Tribal Sewer Lift Station
70 GPM | 21.6′ TDH

The Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, a federally recognized tribe of the Mattole and Wiyot peoples, purchased this package wastewater lift station for a tribal community development.

City of Brawley
City of Brawley, California | Wastewater Treatment Improvements
1350 GPM | 25′ TDH

The City of Brawley needed this packaged lift station to handle high flows of wastewater at its municipal treatment plant. 12 HP submersible pumps in a duplex configuration were used to meet the high flow pumping needs and a conductive probe was used for liquid level-sensing.

Chobani, Inc. | Integrated Wastewater Lift Station
83 GPM | 16′ TDH

A second lift station was added shortly after the plans for the Chobani , Inc. manufacturing facility revealed larger flows of wastewater. Similar to the first, this lift station uses two submersible centrifugal pumps to discharge effluent to a pre-treatment facility.

Chobani, Inc. | Submersible Wastewater Lift Station
20 GPM | 25′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed this packaged wastewater lift station to meet the medium sewage flows of this giant yogurt manufacturing plant. This duplex lift station uses Ebara submersible centrifugal pumps designed for wastewater applications.