Apartment Complexes

Stormwater Pumping for Parking Lots, Garages, Basements, & More

Superior Lead Times to Meet Your Apartment Complex Construction Schedule

Working with developers to meet timelines is one of Romtec’s top selling features, especially for Apartments. Developers love the speed at which Romtec Utilities helps engineer and deliver complete pump stations for new residential development projects. Romtec can supply pumping systems for sewer, stormwater, and water pressure boosting systems.

Our Engineers are Experienced at Handling Water from Apartments

With modern low-flow fixtures and many residents, apartment complexes can prove to have more challenging sewage than what is typical. Romtec Utilities understands these challenges and can engineer lift stations with the proper components to reliably handle sewage from an apartment complex.

Locate Your Pump Station Where You Want on Your Site

Development land is extremely valuable, and Romtec Utilities helps developers with new apartment complexes locate their pumping system where it will have minimal impact on the development project. We are experienced at configuring systems to meet all types of site requirements.

Get Experience & Assistance with the Public Approval Process

Gaining public approval is a major step for new apartments that Romtec Utilities makes simple with our pump stations. We do all the work with you and the public agencies to ensure that the pumping system we supply will meet all design requirements to get the pump station approved and the apartment construction project moving.

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Getting an Apartment Complex System


Romtec Utilities provides full engineering and design services to meet the specific goals of your project. Romtec Utilities’ Engineers are experts in water conveyance systems across a wide array of water types and applications. We work with our clients through every step of the process; from Preliminary Designs and budgetary estimates, submittal and review processes, installation, and all the way through start-up, training, and warranty. At Romtec Utilities, we stand behind our products, and strive to provide the most robust system possible for the given application, while also meeting the budgetary goals for your project.


Pump System Production

Romtec Utilities provides a high level of system prefabrication prior to delivery of the system to the jobsite. This greatly reduces construction cost and installation time, as well as potential project delays and change orders. This high level of prefabrication can often reduce installation time from weeks to days. Additionally, Romtec Utilities takes pride in our quality control processes, ensuring that when the system is delivered to the job site everything will function as designed.


Placing the Wet Wells

Romtec Utilities ensures the quality and success of every pumping system from the early stages of design, all the way through installation and construction. Romtec Utilities will send experienced installation advisors to the site who will advise the installing contractor throughout the installation process providing all parties with the reassurance that the station is constructed and ultimately functioning as designed.


High Voltage Electrical System for Pumps

Romtec Utilities’ startup, testing, and training services are essential to the success of any pumping system. Following installation our technicians are on-site working directly with the all parties to field check the control panel, operate the pumps, perform system testing, and provide world class training to all maintenance personnel. Romtec Utilities aims to not only design and supply complete systems, but to help to ensure the success of the system and all who are involved. Having our experienced field technicians on-site should provide a great sense of quality assurance knowing that the station will operate as designed and the personnel responsible for maintenance and upkeep will be prepared.