5,000gpm – 10,000gpm

Indian Springs Resort | Large Stormwater System
6800 GPM | 15.7′ TDH

The Indian Springs Resort needed a new pump station designed to handle high flows of stormwater runoff from aa collection storm drain.

Dow Chemical Company
Dow Chemical Company Louisiana Operations | Prefabricated Pump Station
8500 GPM | 32′ TDH

This package pump station was designed to respect the confidentiality of this industrial facility. The entire system was delivered with much of the hardware preinstalled in the fiberglass wet well to facilitate simple, “drop-in” installation.

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McBryde Resources | Continuous High Flow, High Head Pumping
9,600 GPM | 415′ TDH

To create new potable water, this lift station pumps clean stormwater from a collection/storage basin to a treatment facility. Duplex vertical turbine pumps move high flows of water very efficiently and use soft starters to reduce torque on the vertical shaft and provide additional pump diagnostics.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Sacramento Municipal Utility District | High Flow Stormwater Pumping
8496 GPM | 43′ TDH

The new headquarters for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District needed this package pump station to handle high flows of stormwater.