Below Grade Lift Station Rendering

The Value of Expert Documentation

Wastewater Lift Station for New Residential Development

Romtec Utilities uses a single comprehensive document to achieve a number of goals, and our process is continually improving. We only design pumping systems, and our expertise in the design of these systems and the way we document our systems is some of the best in the nation. The Romtec Utilities Scope of Supply and Design Submittal, or SSDS, is an inclusive document for customers, engineers, and private or public reviewing agencies to get from “A to Z” in a pump station project.

First, let’s break down the SSDS to see exactly what this document is. The SSDS is primarily a scope document, as the first “S” indicates. This document specifies exactly what Romtec Utilities will provide to the customer. It includes the lift station design criteria, component supply lists, AutoCAD design drawings, services, site plans, product specs/cut sheets, operation & maintenance manuals, and warranty information. The SSDS details every lift station aspect that will be provided by Romtec Utilities and also those aspects that will be provided by others, such as contractors or electricians.

Customers benefit from the SSDS document because the SSDS reflects the entire system as it is being engineered to meet the specifications. This includes all comments and revisions that are made. This procedure keeps everyone on the same page throughout a revision process, preventing any details from being overlooked or neglected. All the organizations involved in a pump station project can progress toward starting-up the system, even as revisions are being made.

Below Grade Lift Station Rendering

Next, the SSDS facilitates fast and effortless submittal reviews. Nearly every pump station design process with Romtec Utilities ends in a submittal review of our SSDS document. Discovering ways to expedite this process is beneficial to everyone involved and our document has become very efficient. We understand what reviewing agencies look for and how they like it presented, and the SSDS rarely encounters any delay in being approved.

A final benefit is that the SSDS also creates a product history. If at any point a customer wishes to return to a previous revision, we maintain all the documentation change histories to make that possible. This also can benefit lift station owners who encounter “acts of God” or natural disasters. Romtec Utilities preserves archives of every project we’ve completed, so owners and operators can request a replacement system or specific lift station components.

Solid documentation has many benefits for the design and supply of pumping systems. It keeps every organization on the same page and creates a reliable outline of each unique pumping system. Documentation also benefits the future by allowing pump station owners to see what they liked and what could be improved on future pump station configurations, as well as providing a comprehensive operation and maintenance document. Romtec Utilities works through every project with expert documentation to ensure the ongoing success of our pumping systems.

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