50gpm – 100gpm

Recent Projects

City of Colton
City of Colton, CA | Stormwater Runoff Pump Station
74.5 GPM | 19.7′ TDH

This project was brought to us by David Evans and Associates, Inc. (DEA) Santa Clarita for another Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) project. The purpose of the system is to capture stormwater runoff that could contain diesel from the wash-down/maintenance area.

50gpm – 100gpm

Warrenton, Oregon Logo
City of Warrenton, OR | Sanitary Pumping System
91 GPM | 41.5′ TDH

The Warrenton School District wanted to construct a new middle school as part of various phases that will include a new high school and elementary school. This new school will include a sanitary pumping system that will discharge to the public system. Romtec Utilities designed the larger system to handle the flows and tough pumping environment from a school.

City of Marysville, WA Logo
City of Marysville, WA | Residential Wastewater Pumping System
58 GPM | 45′ TDH

We worked with the city, developer, and engineer to propose a system that they could accept. This is only a temporary system with the goal of keeping it simple, while also meeting minimum city requirements.

City of ridgefield logo
City of Ridgefield, WA | Wastewater Pumping System
58 GPM | 60.9′ TDH

This project was brought to us by SGA Engineering. Clark Regional Wastewater District is the end owner of this pump station and has signed off on using the “interim” standard lift station which will not need to be designed to meet the full municipal requirement.

City of Portland, Oregon seal
City of Portland | Wastewater Pump Station
51 GPM | 18.0′ TDH

The Halsey 28 apartments needed a new wastewater pump station as part of the project which Romtec Utilities designed and supplied. Westech brought Romtec Utilities this new project with a very quick turnaround.

City of Port Orchard Logo
City of Port Orchard | Residential Wastewater Pump Station
88 GPM | 172.9′ TDH

Haven Apartments is a new apartment complex with 250 units in Port Orchard. As part of the new apartment complex, the development needed a residential wastewater pump station.

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (NSGB) Logo
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba | Sanitary Lift Station
80 GPM | 26.5′ TDH

Siemens Energy, Inc. Gas & Power EPC SCM Solutions – Americas reached out to Romtec Utilities to provide a Sanitary Lift Station to be delivered to Siemens in Florida for their transport to the jobsite.

Bridge Development Partners
Bridge Development Partners | Stormwater Lift Station
50 GPM | 15.3′ TDH

For their new development, the location was in need of a Romtec Utilities stormwater lift station to collect runoff water from the building and parking lot areas.

Gulf South Pipeline
Gulf South Pipeline Company | Stormwater Pump Station
50 GPM | 15.1′ TDH

The Westlake Compressor Stormwater Pump Station in Louisiana is just one of three recent Romtec Utilities projects for the Gulf South Pipeline Company, also known as the Boardwalk Pipeline partners.

Broadway Business Park | Stormwater Pump Station
50 GPM | 25.4′ TDH

In the Broadway Business Park Project, Romtec Utilities supplied a stormwater pump station for a new development by Ninety/Fifty LLC.

Clark Regional 400X400
Clark Regional Wastewater District | Industrial Sewer Lift Station
82 GPM | 19.7′ TDH

Located at the northeastern edge of Vancouver on NE 117th Ave, this lift station will service a small industrial development as the city continues to grow and push its borders out. The Nielsen Industrial Subdivision that the sewer lift station will be serving involves roughly four acres of land for industrial construction.

Portside Phase III | Industrial Wastewater Lift Station
100 GPM | 22′ TDH

The Portside Phase 3 project was part of a new industrial development by Specht Development. Located in Vancouver, Washington, this industrial development was in need of a wastewater lift station and Perlo Construction, the awarded general contractor, brought this opportunity to Romtec Utilities.

HOLA Logo Resized
Heart of Los Angeles | Wastewater Lift Station
80 GPM | 20.4′ TDH

Blois Construction brought the HOLA project to Romtec Utilities to provide a wastewater lift station. Romtec Utilities, along with Blois Construction and Brandow & Johnston Engineers worked together to get the design of the station approved by LA County.

Grain Millers Wastewater and Process Fluid
Grain Millers, Inc. | Wastewater & Process Fluid Lift Station in Food Production Facility
70 GPM | 38′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was contacted to design and supply a wastewater lift station for the newly constructed Northern Gold Foods manufacturing facility in Junction City, Oregon. The new system handles wastewater from both sewer lines and process water from the food manufacturing process.

Clark County Water Reclamation District
Clark County Water Reclamation District | Wastewater & H2S Capable Lift Station
70 GPM | 47′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied a wastewater lift station for a housing development in Las Vegas, Nevada. Romtec Utilities worked with the developer, Summit Club Nevada, and the local water authority, Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD), to design the system according to their design requirements.

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Logo
Truckee Meadows Water Authority | Wastewater Lift Station With Drop Bowl Assembly
76 GPM | 21′ TDH

The Mt. Rose Pump Station is a wastewater lift station in Reno, Nevada. This project was brought to Romtec Utilities by Stantec to develop the scope and configuration of the lift station. Ultimately, Romtec Utilities was used as the basis of design. At the time of bid, Romtec provided this complete pumping system to the contractor, KG Walters, and to the Truckee Meadows Water Authority.

Georgia Transmission Corporation | Septic Sewer System Replacement Lift Station
55 GPM | 49′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was contacted to design and supply a wastewater lift station to replace an aging septic sewer system for the Georgia Transmission Corporation’s (GTC) Electric Cooperative Training Center in Georgia.

Krueger's Tree Farms
Pacific Rim Apartments | Apartment Complex Lift Station
95 GPM | 36.3′ TDH

The construction of a new apartment complex in Warrenton, Oregon required a lift station to handle wastewater from approximately 60 new apartment units.

Elm Street Elementary School | Low-Flow Macerating Lift Station
70, 92 GPM | 13.3′, 8.5′ TDH

Romtec Utilities provided two wastewater lift stations for the renovation of Elm Street Elementary School in Oxnard, California. The two systems will be privately owned and maintained by the Oxnard School District.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pacific Gas & Electric Company | Wastewater Lift Station
75 GPM | 10.8′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was hired to provide the design and supply of a new wastewater lift station for Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG & E) in Danville, California.

County of Santa Barbara Seal
Santa Barbara County | Wastewater Lift Station Retrofit
60 GPM | 20′ TDH

Santa Barbara County needed to retrofit an existing lift station site to effectively replace a failing system. The lift station retrofit needed to handle medium flows of municipal sewer from two inlet lines and make use of limited site space.

Exelon West Medway Generating Station | Power Plant Pumping Systems
30 – 70 GPM | 10′ – 35′ TDH

The expansion of the Exelon Medway Generating Station required four unique pump stations to support future operations.

Dow Chemical Company
DOW Chemical | Groundwater Remediation System
60 GPM | 25′ TDH

Union Carbide Corporation, a subsidiary of DOW Chemical, required a new stormwater pump station as part of a larger groundwater containment and remediation system in South Charleston, West Virginia.

Washington County | Groundwater Management Pump Stations
38 – 52 GPM | 19.9′ – 25.2′ TDH

Seismic upgrades to the Washington County Public Service Building required the installation of five stormwater pump stations.

Orlando Utility Commission
Orlando Utility Commission | HRSG Blowdown Pump Station
100, 800 GPM | 85.6′, 135′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was hired to design and supply pump stations to support a combined-cycle power generation process that requires significant amounts of recirculated water to function for the Orlando Utility Commission in Orlando, FL.

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority | Stormwater Reclamation and Filtration System
62 GPM | 36′ TDH

This stormwater pump station is part of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) stormwater reclamation system.

Peoples Self Help Housing
Mission Garden | Affordable Housing Development Lift Station
100 GPM | 29.6′ TDH

Romtec Utilities provided the design and supply of this wastewater lift station, including all structural and mechanical systems for a new affordable housing development called Mission Garden.

Sprouts at Mira Mesa | Low-Flow Stormwater Pump Station
54 GPM | 29′ TDH

Sprouts, a new health-focused grocery store at the Mira Mesa Mall in San Diego, California required a new stormwater pump station to handle low flows of stormwater.

Douglas County Nevada
Douglas County Nevada | Residential Development
99 – 165 GPM | 224.7′ – 267′ TDH

The new residential development at Clear Creek Tahoe needed two new wastewater lift stations. The location of the development has many elevation changes and to successfully pump the sewage off to treatment, two lift stations were necessary.

Bay 101 Casino Logo
Bay 101 | Six Low-Flow Stormwater Pump Stations
31-187 GPM | 10.2′-20.6′ TDH

The new Bay 101 casino required 6 stormwater pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater in San Jose, California. Each pump station will help serve new hotels as this casino facility expands. These pump stations needed to meet the low flow requirements while maintaining consistent head conditions.

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners | Midstream Pipeline Stormwater Pump Station
100 GPM | 11′ TDH

The City of Los Angeles needed to construct a new 54” force main to increase sewer capacity and add redundancy to an existing 48” force main at Marina del Rey.

Cedar Point Sports Center | Lift Station Pumping into Pressure Sewer
75 GPM | 60′ TDH

Romtec Utilities provided a complete wastewater lift station for a sports park in Ohio. This lift station collects wastewater from the on-site facilities and then pumps into an existing force main.

Official Logo of the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority
City of Victorville | 10th Street Lift Station
75 GPM | 23.3′ TDH

The City of Victorville needed to replace an existing lift station that had been converted to a manhole. The new lift station would handle medium flows of wastewater, and pump it uphill to gravity and off to treatment.

United States Postal Service Logo
United States Postal Service | Wastewater & Stormwater Collection Lift Station
100 GPM | 29.7′ TDH

A new distribution center for the United States Postal Service in Portland, Oregon required a wastewater lift station. The lift station handles both wastewater and stormwater flows because the stormwater that is collected onsite is essentially wastewater due to fuel and other contaminants from a truck loading area.

Doheny Village | Simplex Stormwater Pump Station
50 GPM | 14′ TDH

City improvements for the Doheny Village in Dana Point, California required a new stormwater pump station for the residential revitalization. To meet the required flows, the new pump station utilized a 1/3 hp Goulds submersible pump in a simplex configuration.

Magnolia Public Schools 400X400
Magnolia Pacific School | Wastewater Lift Station
78 GPM | 13.7′ TDH

The construction of the Magnolia Pacific Technical School in Santa Ana, California needed a wastewater lift station to handle its sewage with medium flows of 100 gpm. To meet these flow requirements, Romtec Utilities engineered a lift station with 5 hp Weil submersible grinder pumps in a duplex configuration.

Logo for the Bureau of Reclamation
Bureau of Reclamation | Groundwater Recharge Basin
90 GPM | 20.0′ TDH

The Bureau of Reclamation needed a new wastewater lift station to handle medium flows of wastewater in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This pumping system includes 2 hp Ebara submersible pumps engineered in a duplex configuration to meet the anticipated sewage flow and provide redundancy.

Port of Vancouver USA 400X400
Port of Vancouver | Port Expansion Sewer System
100 GPM | 18.4′ TDH

To accommodate new rails line and a new administration building, the Port of Vancouver needed a new lift station to handle medium flows of sewage from the new facility.

Portland International Airport
Portland Airport | New Terminal Wastewater Pumping
100 GPM | 28.19′ TDH

To accommodate a new private terminal and hanger, Portland Airport needed a new wastewater lift station to handle a medium flow of sewage from the new buildings.

McCormick Woods | Golf Course Community Development Lift Station
100 GPM | 104.9′ TDH

In Port Orchard, Washington, new residential developments have been ongoing around the McCormick Woods Golf Course. The most recent development required a new lift station to handle medium flows of sewage for 200 new homes.

Indian Springs Resort | Wastewater Pumping
78 GPM | 11.6′ TDH

The Indian Springs Resort needed two new lift stations designed to pump medium flows of sanitary sewer and wastewater to municipal treatment.

Momentum 400X400
Utica East Ohio Midstream LNG Plant | Double-Wall Fiberglass Sumps
75 GPM | 67′ TDH

Utica East Ohio Midstream needed two new pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater runoff at its new Kensington Plant in Ohio. To responsibly contain potentially hazardous stormwater from the topsoil, these pump stations were designed with double-wall fiberglass wet wells with interstitial leak detection.

Salem Hospital | Commercial Kitchen Wastewater Pumping
50 GPM | 30′ TDH

The Salem Hospital in Oregon needed a new wastewater lift station to handle medium flows of sewer and food preparation wastewater. The commercial kitchen for the hospital is located in a basement room, creating a design challenge for the kitchen.

Momentum 400X400
Utica East Ohio Midstream LNG Plant | Double-Wall Fiberglass System
150 GPM | 59′ TDH

Utica East Ohio Midstream needed a new pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater runoff at its new Kensington Plant in Ohio. To responsibly contain potentially hazardous stormwater from the topsoil, this pump station was designed with a double-wall fiberglass wet well with interstitial leak detection.

Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria | Tribal Sewer Lift Station
70 GPM | 21.6′ TDH

The Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria, a federally recognized tribe of the Mattole and Wiyot peoples, purchased this package wastewater lift station for a tribal community development. The submersible pumps are located in the bottom of a 14’ prefabricated fiberglass sump, and the below grade valve assembly is located in a 5’ deep round prefabricated fiberglass valve vault.

Marathon Petroleum | Oil Refinery Process Wastewater
75 GPM | 125′ TDH

The Marathon Petroleum Refinery in Robinson, IL needed this new industrial process water pump station to handle its medium flows of highly acidic water combined with standard wastewater. A precast concrete sump included an interior Tnemec coating to withstand the water chemistry from a refinery testing lab.

The Great Seal of the Smith River Rancheria
Smith River Rancheria | Tribal Housing Wastewater Lift Station
60 GPM | 132′ TDH

This wastewater lift station was required to hand medium sewage flows from a development neighborhood by Smith River Rancheria, the governing body of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Tribe. Two Goulds Water Technology 2 hp grinder pumps were used to meet the high head requirements for over 3,000 ft of force main.

Battleground School District | Septic System Replacement Lift Station
80 GPM | 28′ TDH

When a public high school decommissioned an existing septic system, a replacement package lift station was needed to handle the sewage from the campus. Tsurumi submersible cutter pumps were used to pass most solids and cut larger solids into passable sizes (about 1¼” diameter).

This is the City of Bakersfield Seal
New Continuation High School | Packaged Wastewater Lift Station
55 GPM | 38.5′ TDH

A new school required this low flow package lift station in order to handle the neighborhood’s increased flow of municipal wastewater. Ebara vortex pumps in a duplex configuration are used for deep well pumping. They are explosion proof in order to meet the Class 1, Division 1 hazardous location requirements.

MERCK Animal Health
Merck Animal Health | Industrial Wastewater with Variable pH
100 GPM | 21′ TDH

This industrial pumping system was designed to handle medium flows of process wastewater created from cleaning cycles at the Merck Animal Health facility. The wastewater was specified with highly variable pH conditions, so the pumping system was designed with a double-wall fiberglass sump with leak detection.

Sutter Medical Center | Continuous Cutter Pump Lift Station
90 GPM | 25.1′ TDH

The construction of this new hospital required a package lift station system to handle medium flows of wastewater. This comprehensive system includes five below-grade vaults. Four concrete vaults comprise the valve vault, metering vault, odor control vault, and wet well.

City of Carpinteria CA
City of Carpinteria | Beachside Septic Replacement
87 GPM | 158.8′ TDH

An upscale beachside community in California needed this medium flow wastewater lift station to replace septic systems used at each home. To meet the requirements of the beachside location, this system includes Ameron T-Lock PVC lining on both a precast concrete sump and emergency overflow basin.

Tennessee Valley Authority at Shawnee Fossil Plant | Industrial Sewer
50 GPM | 67.7′ TDH

This industrial power plant needed a package lift station to meet the requirements for municipal wastewater. The 23-foot-deep sump holds duplex Goulds submersible sewage pumps specified to meet the 50 gpm maximum flow requirements.

Dona Spring Animal Shelter and Animal Services | Sewer Lift Station
75 GPM | 25′ TDH

A newly constructed public animal shelter required this package lift station to meet low sewage flows with additional animal waste. The difficulties associated with pumping animal waste required submersible solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration.

Camp Lemonnier 400X400
US Naval Base Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti | International Lift Station
100 GPM | 20′ TDH

This package lift station was the perfect solution for installing an American-made system at a US Naval Base in North Africa. The package approach facilitated transoceanic shipping and private installation. Designed to handle medium flows of wastewater, this lift station includes duplex pumps, valves, a drop bowl, and a mushroom cap vent pipe as the key wet well components.

Goodwill Logo
Goodwill | Commercial Development Lift Station
50 GPM | 14.4′ TDH

A new commercial development where a Goodwill retail store was being built needed this robust wastewater lift station. The hatch and below-grade structural components of this lift station have an H-20 rating for occasional traffic so that the system could be located in the parking lot of the development.

Woods Trailer & RV Park | Low Flow, Low Head Lift Station Design
72 GPM | 28′ TDH

An RV Park needed this package lift station to meet the municipal sewage requirements for the residents at the park. Pumping with low flow and low head conditions, the duplex Goulds submersible pumps are sized to efficiently fit the 14’ deep, 4’ diameter wet well.

Stevens Pass Ski Resort | Fast Lift Station Retrofit
65 GPM | 35′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied this wastewater lift station retrofit to meet the medium sewage flows at the Steven’s Pass Ski Resort. A major part of the retrofit supply package were two Vaughan submersible chopper pumps for wastewater.

Dow Chemical Company
Dow Chemical Company | Replacement Fiberglass Lift Station
50 GPM | 90′ TDH

This package wastewater lift station replacement was delivered largely preassembled for quick and simple installation by the customer. This procedure provided an expertly designed lift station that would uphold the privacy values of the facility.

Sammamish Plateau Water District Logo
Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District | Residential Development Lift Station
85 GPM | 75′ TDH

This medium flow sewage lift station was designed for a new development to meet the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District lift station design standards. These standards specify a PLC controller with touchscreen HMI, SCADA options, a precast concrete valve vault, wet well, meter vault, and duplex submersible pumps.

San Andreas Sanitary District California
San Andreas Sanitary District | Unique Lift Station Design
75 GPM | 28′ TDH

A new school needed this package lift station to pump stored wastewater every 24 hours. The sump was oversized by design to hold in excess of 5,000 gallons of sewage that would be pumped out at specified medium pumping rate to a low-level shutoff float control.

Wellington Commons Development | Cutter Pump Sewer Lift Station
60 GPM | 16′ TDH

A commercial development in Delaware required this wastewater lift station to handle low flows of sewage from a new fast food restaurant and retail stores. Tsurumi cutter pumps in a duplex configuration macerate solids any in the wastewater to pass through the force main diameter.

City of Clovis New Mexico
City of Clovis, New Mexico | Municipal Sewer Expansion Lift Station
100 GPM | 15.4′ TDH

An expanding sewer system for annexed land required this packaged wastewater lift station. Duplex submersible solids handling pumps are designed to meet the medium flow requirements and pass solids up to a 2” diameter.

Union Pacific Railroad | Replacement Sewer Collection System
100 GPM | 22′ TDH

The Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed two new sewer lift stations to replace its existing sewer collection system. Each lift station included three precast concrete vault structures, a wet well, valve vault, and metering vault.

Ram Power Corp. San Jacinto-Tizate Geothermal Power Plant | Lift Station
100 GPM | 24.9′ TDH

A commercially owned geothermal power facility in Nicaragua purchased this package lift station to meet its medium wastewater flows. Shipping the major components for this system required precise documentation and plans.

County of Santa Barbara Seal
County of Santa Barbara | Replacement Sewer Lift Station
50 GPM | 28′ TDH

Santa Barbara County needed this package lift station to replace an existing system serving a residential area next to Goleta Beach. Ebara submersible sewage pumps were engineered in a duplex configuration to alternate starts and create redundancy in the system.

Laura Chenel's 400X400
Laura Chenel’s Chèvre Cheese Plant | Mixed Industrial Wastewater
90 GPM | 10.7′ TDH

This gourmet goat cheese plant needed two lift stations configured to handle medium wastewater and industrial flows from the new production plant. Submersible solids handling pumps in duplex configurations are protected from turbulence and cascading influent by an inlet line drop bowl.

Chobani, Inc. | Integrated Wastewater Lift Station
83 GPM | 16′ TDH

A second lift station was added shortly after the plans for the Chobani, Inc. manufacturing facility revealed larger flows of wastewater. Similar to the first, this lift station uses two submersible centrifugal pumps to discharge effluent to a pre-treatment facility.

USDA Fire District | Low-Flow Sewage Lift Station
50 GPM | 70′ TDH

This lift station was designed to meet the low sewage flow requirements of a municipal lift station that would also serve new construction and commercial buildings.

Basin Electrical Power Cooperative | Industrial Wastewater Pumping
100 GPM | 25′ TDH

This power generation facility installed a package lift station designed for medium sewage flows of industrial wastewater. To protect the submersible solids-handling pumps, an inlet line deflector panel was included in the design.

US Army, Fort Lewis, Washington
US Army, Fort Lewis, Washington | Industrial Water Lift Station
100 GPM | 10′ TDH

This package lift station in Fort Lewis was configured to meet the medium flow requirements for a federal industrial process system with stormwater to treatment. Submersible centrifugal pumps are protected from turbulence by a drop bowl.

Aliamanu Military Reserve, Hawaii | Lift Station
74 GPM | 85′ TDH

Serving the US Army Base, Fort Shafter, this military neighborhood needed a lift station replacement package to be installed adjacent to the existing lift station. The Army and Romtec Utilities configured this submersible centrifugal pump station to pump the medium flow of municipal wastewater.

City of Salinas California
City of Salinas, CA | Residential Development Wastewater Lift Station
50 GPM | 17.4′ TDH

This lift station was designed to meet the low sewage flow requirements of a municipal lift station for a new residential development. The duplex pump configuration, solids-handling pumps, and inlet-line drop bowl provide suitable preventative measures for a reliable and long-term wastewater lift station.

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority | Turnkey Lift Station Replacement
58 GPM | 97′ TDH

This National Park Service lift station replacement was a “turnkey” project designed to meet commercial, municipal, and Navajo EPA standards for medium sewage flows. The design included chopper pumps in a duplex configuration, an inlet-line drop bowl, and a separate below-grade valve assembly.