S.C.A.D.A Connect – Remote Monitoring Solutions


SCADA-Connect offers a premier solution for control panel telemetry suitable for pumping systems and other control applications. Our SCADA-Connect product is available in three configurations. A local SCADA-Connect Panel can be integrated with your new or existing control panel installed onsite. A portable SCADA-Connect unit offers plug-and-play capabilities for providing mobile telemetry to multiple sites. Our SCADA-Connect rental unit provides short-term use to resolve control panel issues with the help of a Romtec Utilities Technician.



  • eWon Flexy 205
  • 4G Extension Option
  • I/O Extension Option
  • Read/Write Capabilities
  • Text Message Alerts
  • Emails Alerts
  • Remote VPN Access
  • Secure Connection Option

Permanent Enclosures

  • Fiberglass Enclosure
  • eWon Flexy 205
  • Read/Write Capabilities
  • Text Message Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Remote VPN Access
  • Secure Connection Option
  • WiFi (if available)

Mobile Unit

  • All-Weather Pelican Case
  • I/O Extension
  • WiFi Extension (if available)
  • Remote Servicing

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