Chemical Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Refining Plant
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical | Stormwater Pump Station for Chemical Refining Plant
475 GPM | 19.7′ TDH

The construction of a hydrogen peroxide refinement plant for the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC) required a pump station to collect and discharge stormwater to an onsite treatment system.

Dow Chemical Company
DOW Chemical | Groundwater Remediation System
60 GPM | 25′ TDH

Union Carbide Corporation, a subsidiary of DOW Chemical, required a new stormwater pump station as part of a larger groundwater containment and remediation system in South Charleston, West Virginia.

Dow Chemical Company
Dow Chemical Company | Replacement Fiberglass Lift Station
350 GPM | 90′ TDH

This package wastewater lift station replacement was delivered largely preassembled for quick and simple installation by the customer. This procedure provided an expertly designed lift station that would uphold the privacy values of the facility.