Process Water

takara sake
Takara Sake USA Inc. | Food-Process Pump Station
400 GPM

In the Takara Sake project, Romtec Utilities supplied an industrial food-process pump station to Takara Sake USA Inc., a Sake manufacturer based in Berkeley, California.

Clark Regional 400X400
Clark Regional Wastewater District | Industrial Sewer Lift Station
82 GPM | 19.7′ TDH

Located at the northeastern edge of Vancouver on NE 117th Ave, this lift station will service a small industrial development as the city continues to grow and push its borders out. The Nielsen Industrial Subdivision that the sewer lift station will be serving involves roughly four acres of land for industrial construction.

Portside Phase III | Industrial Wastewater Lift Station
100 GPM | 22′ TDH

The Portside Phase 3 project was part of a new industrial development by Specht Development. Located in Vancouver, Washington, this industrial development was in need of a wastewater lift station and Perlo Construction, the awarded general contractor, brought this opportunity to Romtec Utilities.

Trans Bay Cable
Trans Bay Cable | Stormwater Pump Stations for Converter Station
500 GPM | 25′ TDH

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied two stormwater pump stations for a converter station in the City of Pittsburg, California. The two systems are necessary to supply collected stormwater to an onsite water treatment system before being discharged into the nearby bay.

Grain Millers Wastewater and Process Fluid
Grain Millers, Inc. | Wastewater & Process Fluid Lift Station in Food Production Facility
70 GPM | 38′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was contacted to design and supply a wastewater lift station for the newly constructed Northern Gold Foods manufacturing facility in Junction City, Oregon. The new system handles wastewater from both sewer lines and process water from the food manufacturing process.

Russel City Energy Center | Demineralized Process Water Pumping System
1350 GPM | 15′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was contacted to help on the design of an industrial pump station that would handle demineralized process water at the Russel City Energy Center in Hayward, California.

Exelon West Medway Generating Station | Power Plant Pumping Systems
30 – 70 GPM | 10′ – 35′ TDH

The expansion of the Exelon Medway Generating Station required four unique pump stations to support future operations.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Kings Mountain Energy Center | HRSG Blowdown Pumping
480 GPM | 35′ TDH

A new HRSG system required 3 industrial pump stations to provide water for its processes. This HRSG blowdown pump station needed to handle extreme pumping conditions.

Orlando Utility Commission
Orlando Utility Commission | HRSG Blowdown Pump Station
100, 800 GPM | 85.6′, 135′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was hired to design and supply pump stations to support a combined-cycle power generation process that requires significant amounts of recirculated water to function for the Orlando Utility Commission in Orlando, FL.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Middletown Energy Center | HRSG Water Treatment Pump Station
40 GPM | 25′ TDH

Construction of a new combined cycle power plant in Middletown, OH required 3 pump stations for the operation of its HRSG system. Middletown Energy Center uses natural gas and HRSG to generate power, this process requires significant amounts of water for operation.

East Bay Municipal Utility District | Water Treatment Settling Pond
2085 GPM | 118′ TDH

Refurbishing a shut-down water treatment plant required a new pump station to pump high flows of water. The unique application drains water used in a cleaning process into a large settling pond.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Middletown Energy Center | HRSG Blowdown and Process Pumping
480-850 GPM | 25′-35′ TDH

Construction of a new combined cycle power plant in Middletown, OH required 3 pump stations for the operation of its HRSG system. Middletown Energy Center uses natural gas and HRSG to generate power, this process requires significant amounts of water for operation.

Dan River Steam Station | Combined Cycle Blow Down Pumping
300 GPM | 20′ TDH

Duke Energy replaced the Dan River Steam Station with a new gas fired power plant and needed a new pump station to handle medium flows of blow down water from the heat recovery steam generator.

Momentum 400X400
Utica East Ohio Midstream LNG Plant | Double-Wall Fiberglass System
150 GPM | 59′ TDH

Utica East Ohio Midstream needed a new pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater runoff at its new Kensington Plant in Ohio. To responsibly contain potentially hazardous stormwater from the topsoil, this pump station was designed with a double-wall fiberglass wet well with interstitial leak detection.

V.C. Summer Nuclear Station | Industrial Grinder Pump Lift Station
35 GPM | 33.6′ TDH

This package lift station was configured to handle low flows of industrial process water used for nuclear power generation. This lift station was one of the earliest systems to be installed during the construction of two new reactors at the plant.

Union Pacific Railroad | Replacement Water Collection System
4000 GPM | 25′ TDH

The Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed two new stormwater pump stations to replace existing systems. The first station used Ebara 25 hp submersible pumps in a triplex configuration to handle stormwater runoff from a parking lot and additional drains.

Basin Electrical Power Cooperative | Industrial Wastewater Pumping
100 GPM | 25′ TDH

This power generation facility installed a package lift station designed for medium sewage flows of industrial wastewater. To protect the submersible solids-handling pumps, an inlet line deflector panel was included in the design.

City of Brawley
City of Brawley, California | Wastewater Treatment Improvements
1350 GPM | 25′ TDH

The City of Brawley needed this packaged lift station to handle high flows of wastewater at its municipal treatment plant. 12 HP submersible pumps in a duplex configuration were used to meet the high flow pumping needs and a conductive probe was used for liquid level-sensing.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative | Clean Water Industrial Pumping
130 GPM | 45′ TDH

The Groton Generating Station needed this package lift station to pump clean water as a part of its power generating processes from natural gas. The submersible centrifugal pumps in a duplex configuration meet the pumping requirements for this facility and discharge the water to parallel force mains.

Oxy 2
Occidental Petroleum at Elk Hills, Inc. | Industrial Water Reuse
200 GPM | 115′ TDH

This package pump station was configured to meet the medium flow requirements for this clean water power generation process and reuse system. The system has a large precast-concrete rectangular sump with a barrier wall –or weir wall- to reduce turbulence for the pumps.