Odor Control Systems


Romtec Utilities designs and supplies Odor Control Systems for many different pumping applications from wastewater to industrial processes. Odor control systems can be configured through several technologies which also include chemical feed and injection systems. Romtec Utilities designs and supplies these types of systems and integrates all the associated electrical and mechanical components into your existing controls. Romtec Utilities provides complete documentation on your system as well as a warranty after it is started up.


Chemical Injection

  • Types
    • Bioxide® (Calcium Nitrate)
    • Ferrous Chloride
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Chlorine
  • Common Sizes and Features
    • Crosslinked Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tank – 6’ to 10’ OD
    • Control Enclosure with dosing pump(s) – 24”x24” to 36”x48”
    • Lift Station Controller Integration
    • Operational Valves
    • All Chemical Resistant Piping and Valves
    • Indoor and Outdoor Configurations


  • Common Sizes and Features
    • Precast Concrete Media Bed Stuctures
    • Media Bed Structures Size from 4’x4’ to 8’x10’
    • PVC Blower Pipe Assemblies
    • Air Blower Assembly with Fiberglass Clamshell Enclosure
    • Multiple Media Types i.e, Compost, Wood Chips, Peat, Bark Mulch
    • Needs Space for Both the Media Bed and the Blower Assembly

Passive Odor Control

  • Carbon Scrubbers (Adsorption)
  • Ozone
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Blowers and Exhaust Fans

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