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Duplex Configuration of Pumps Inside a Wet Well
Level Sensing Device Types and Their Application Level sensing can be one of the most vital components during pump station engineering and is critical for the safety of the lift station and surrounding areas. Level sensors allow technicians to monitor the level of fluid in the wet well without having to open the top hatch and they send signals to the controller to initiate pump down cycles of the fluid. Many operators and engineers have
Fiber-Reinforced Modified Polyamine Epoxy Coating Romtec Utilities is always expanding our offering to suit our customer’s needs and is looking to solve the problems that have burdened lift stations for years. Lift stations can contain corrosive and dangerous chemicals that damage wet wells and reduce the life of the lift station. In recent years, coatings have gained popularity for lengthening the life of a system while benefitting from the lower cost of concrete wet wells.
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Wastewater Lift Station
Designed and Programmed by our Experts Romtec Utilities has expertise in electrical engineering to assist in the design of our lift stations. As a part of our pump station packages, we design control panels for use in all types of pumping applications and have the capability to integrate a variety of different control functions. Offering the right controls for a Romtec Utilities supplied pump station plays a significant role in a customer’s overall satisfaction and
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Lakeside Utility Building
Over 30 Years of Design Expertise When a company, like Romtec, has designed and constructed somewhere between 50 to 100 control buildings, that company begins to understand the key elements that make these types of buildings work. As each requirement is different and each site is unique, the understanding of what is important and what is not begins to become clear. Considering that the requirements range from electrical control and communication to the housing of
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Cement Tank for Lift Station
Polymer Concrete vs. Fiberglass and Traditional Concrete Wet Wells Polymer concrete, as covered in “Why Choose Polymer Concrete: The Benefits of Polymer Concrete Wet Wells”, is an alternative to traditional wet well materials such as precast concrete and fiberglass. Polymer wet wells combine many of the benefits of fiberglass and concrete, such as resistance to corrosion and workability, respectively. While Romtec Utilities does not design systems around any one product or material, polymer concrete is
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