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The Benefits of Polymer Wet Wells As long as human beings have elected to hold or store liquids in ground, they have struggled with identifying the best materials for the job. The chemical make-up of the liquids and related off gassing in lift stations require different types of materials for an overall successful design.  At Romtec Utilities, we are faced with these types of scenarios every day and with our professional experience, we know the
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Romtec and Romtec Utilities Join Together For a Strategic Approach to the Laughlin Park Project The Laughlin Park project was a great opportunity for Romtec and Romtec Utilities combined, to demonstrate our respective fields of expertise. While the products from each company may differ, both companies supply important pieces of infrastructure around the nation. Romtec specializes in building design and supply with the capability to provide standard and custom buildings at a competitive price to
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Pump Stations Designed For Current and Future Flows “Phased” (now and future flow) pump stations are common for large developments and ideal for situations in which the inflow to a lift station will increase over time. These types of systems are designed to run optimally at each phase. One might think that a large system designed to handle the maximum inflow found at full-buildout may be the best way to go. However, even though the
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“Romtec Utilities’ Custom Junction Box” The Portland Airport Terminal Core Redevelopment project, also known as the PDX TCore project, is a unique design that consists of a wastewater lift station, two muffin monsters (in line grinders), and three in-ground junction boxes. To execute this project, the Port of Portland hired Coffman Excavation as the General Contractor. Coffman Excavation identified the unique challenges this project presented, and understood the value Romtec Utilities would bring based on
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“Prefabricated Mold for Saving Time On Site” The Portland International Airport (PDX) Terminal Core Redevelopment project was brought to Romtec Utilities by Coffman Excavation. The original plan for this wastewater pumping system was to be a cast in place structure, but, having worked with Romtec Utilities in the past on projects utilizing pre-cast structures, Coffman and their General Contractor, Hoffman Skanska, contacted Romtec Utilities for our assistance on this project. In a previous Port of
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