Warrenton, Oregon Logo
City of Warrenton, OR | Sanitary Pumping System
91 GPM | 41.5′ TDH

The Warrenton School District wanted to construct a new middle school as part of various phases that will include a new high school and elementary school. This new school will include a sanitary pumping system that will discharge to the public system. Romtec Utilities designed the larger system to handle the flows and tough pumping environment from a school.

City of Shafter in California
City of Shafter, CA | Municipal Wastewater System
276 GPM | 25.7′ TDH

The City of Shafter contacted Romtec Utilities to provide a new wastewater lift station for a combined Shafter Caltrans project. The City of Shafter wanted a pumping system that met their standards and will be operated and maintained by the city.

Stanislaus County Logo
Stanislaus County | Package Wastewater Lift Stations
200 GPM | 21′ TDH

Caltrans needed to upgrade their Westley Safety Roadside Rest Area (SRRA) buildings to expand and update the Northbound and Southbound facilities. We developed a package for two wastewater lift stations and presented to ReCom then contracted with Capital Flow due to meet the Disabled Veteran Owned Company requirements on this project.

City of Portland, Oregon seal
City of Portland | Wastewater Pump Station
51 GPM | 18.0′ TDH

The Halsey 28 apartments needed a new wastewater pump station as part of the project which Romtec Utilities designed and supplied. Westech brought Romtec Utilities this new project with a very quick turnaround.

University of Portland Seal Logo
University of Portland | Replacement Wastewater Lift Station
214 GPM | 163.4′ TDH

Romtec Utilities worked on the replacement to an existing wastewater lift station that the University of Portland needed for the four separate new facilities which will feed into this lift station.

Hillsboro, Oregon Logo
City of Hillsboro | Data Center Lift Station
110 GPM | 21.8′ TDH

The civil engineer was Navix Engineering, who reached out to Romtec Utilities looking for assistance with the design of a wastewater lift station for an industrial project for T5 data centers in Hillsboro, OR.

Clark Regional 400X400
Clark Regional Wastewater District – Ridgefield, WA | Phased Lift Station
350 GPM | 50.6′ TDH

Romtec Utilities worked with Rotschy, Inc. to supply a phased lift station for the Seton Pump Station project.

Port of Portland TCORE Project
Port of Portland | Industrial Wastewater Package Pump Station
2500 GPM | 59′ TDH

The PDX TCORE pump station is the fifth project RU has done for the Port of Portland in the last five years. The station is the main wastewater pump station for all of PDX.

City of Scappoose, OR | Wastewater Package Pump Station
426 GPM | 67.8′ TDH

Romtec Utilities worked with Cardno as they were the project driver. RU designed and supplied the lift station to fit the needs of the large development.

City of Granbury Texas
City of Granbury, TX | Wastewater Package Pump Station
486 GPM | 29′ TDH

Romtec Utilities was contacted by Texas Water Engineers (TXWE) who was the utilities engineer on the project regarding pump selection for the private development.

City of Beaumont California
City of Beaumont | Wastewater Package Pump Station
467 GPM | 99.3′ TDH

The pump station was designed to the City of Beaumont’s standards which have adopted Eastern Municipal Water District requirements, as the city will also be the end owner of the system.

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus | Lift Stations
400 GPM | 20.5′ TDH

Romtec Utilities supplied both the stormwater and the wastewater systems to achieve the “net-zero” usage goals on the project.

Kitsap County Washington
Kitsap County | Wastewater Pump Station
146 GPM | 46.4′ TDH

Romtec Utilities supplied a wastewater pump station to serve a residential/townhome development by Norpoint Communities in Kitsap County, Washington.

Taking the Waste Out of Water
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District | Wastewater Lift Station
180 GPM | 27′ TDH

Romtec Utilities supplied a wastewater lift station that will be owned and maintained by the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.

City of San Bernardino Water Department
San Bernardino Municipal Water Department | Wastewater Lift Station
188 GPM | 20.4′ TDH

The recent Washington Avenue Lift Station project in San Bernardino, California, began as a retrofit and ultimately ended as a full system replacement.