5gpm – 50gpm

Recent Projects

Brixmor Logo
Brixmor Property Group | Commercial Pump Station
5 GPM | 9.1′ TDH

The Michaels Mira Mesa project in San Diego, California was a new small stormwater lift station for commercial development. Brixmor Property Group is the owner of the development.

5gpm – 50gpm

MARS Chocolate Factory Logo
MARS, Inc. | Stormwater Lift Station
22 GPM | 0′ TDH

The Romtec Utilities supplied lift station was installed onsite by Nordic Contracting Company, Inc.

Laguna Canyon Group | Stormwater Pump Station with On-Site Water Treatment
14 GPM | 22′ TDH

The development of multiple retail outlets in San Clemente, California required the installation of a stormwater pump station. The system needed to work with the specifications of another pumping system by discharging collected stormwater through an on-site biofiltration treatment system.

Exelon West Medway Generating Station | Power Plant Pumping Systems
30 – 70 GPM | 10′ – 35′ TDH

The expansion of the Exelon Medway Generating Station required four unique pump stations to support future operations.

City of Medford Oregon
City of Medford | City Sports Park Municipal Lift Station
35 GPM | 68.5′ TDH

The City of Medford needed a new wastewater lift station to handle low flows of sewage at the new US Cellular municipal sports park.

Sage Apartments | Big and Little Stormwater Pump Stations
23, 2850 GPM | 25.4′, 17.5′ TDH

Sage at Cerritos is a new luxury apartment complex in Cerritos, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Romtec Utilities provided two stormwater pump stations for this residential development aptly referred to as “big stormwater” and “little stormwater”.

Washington County | Groundwater Management Pump Stations
38 – 52 GPM | 19.9′ – 25.2′ TDH

Seismic upgrades to the Washington County Public Service Building required the installation of five stormwater pump stations.

Kings Mountain Energy Center
Middletown Energy Center | HRSG Water Treatment Pump Station
40 GPM | 25′ TDH

Construction of a new combined cycle power plant in Middletown, OH required 3 pump stations for the operation of its HRSG system. Middletown Energy Center uses natural gas and HRSG to generate power, this process requires significant amounts of water for operation.

Bay 101 Casino Logo
Bay 101 | Six Low-Flow Stormwater Pump Stations
31-187 GPM | 10.2′-20.6′ TDH

The new Bay 101 casino required 6 stormwater pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater in San Jose, California. Each pump station will help serve new hotels as this casino facility expands. These pump stations needed to meet the low flow requirements while maintaining consistent head conditions.

Official Logo for Orange County Water Distrct
Orange County Water District | Sewer Lift Station Replacement
30 GPM | 30.0′ TDH

The Orange County Water District needed to replace a wastewater lift station for the Burris Basin Pump Station in Anaheim, California. Burris Basin is a large groundwater pump station, pumping clean groundwater to 19 water districts in Southern California.