Duplex Valve Vault

Complete Valve Assemblies and Prefabricated Valve Vaults

Prefabricated Valve Vault in a Romtec Utilities Project

Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, and supplies complete valve assemblies that can be installed above-grade or below grade in a prefabricated concrete vault. Valve assemblies are engineered products, designed for specific water conditions (e.g. wastewater vs. stormwater) and pumping requirements such as flow, dynamic-head, and force main pressure. Getting a good valve assembly involves looking at the design criteria for each application and finding the correct components for that project. Here are a few great benefits of getting a valve assembly from Romtec Utilities.

The biggest benefit of a Romtec Utilities valve assembly is that each one is delivered prefabricated and pressure tested. We completely install each component in the valve assembly whether it is skid-mounted, free-standing, or located in a vault. After the total assembly is installed, Romtec Utilities seals off the piping and pressure tests the whole assembly for any leaks. With Romtec Utilities, you get a finished unit that’s ready for installation and guaranteed to hold pressure after it’s connected to your pumping system.

Duplex Valve Vault

The second biggest benefit of our valve assemblies is the engineering expertise we have with all types of valves and associated components, mechanical and electrical. Romtec Utilities works with all valve manufacturers, so we can meet any design standards, requirements, or preferences. We can also design valve assemblies with specialty components to handle unique requirements, like water hammer prevention, solids-handling, or heat-tracing. There are essentially unlimited potential pumping requirements, so it is important to get a valve assembly specific to your unique application and not a “one-size-fits-all” option.

In addition to the engineering of the valve assembly, the design of the unit can change per project, and Romtec Utilities can configure your valve assembly for your needs. With valve vaults, Romtec Utilities can locate the complete assembly in a vault that is manufactured from steel, fiberglass, or precast concrete. The unit can be designed to accommodate a simplex, duplex, or triplex system or more if needed. Romtec Utilities can also include features in your valve assembly design like a bypass pumping port or a pigging port. Getting the design features you want in a space that you can work in is something that Romtec Utilities does for each valve assembly we deliver.

Prefabricated Valve Assembly with Pigging Port

Above-grade or below-grade, in any material, and with any components that you specify, Romtec Utilities always provides our customers with reliable, fully tested valve assemblies. Contact Romtec Utilities today to find out how our valve assemblies can benefit your pump station project. We can even provide our valve assemblies as part of a complete pump station retrofit package!

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