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Nationwide Engineering

Romtec Utilities designs and engineers complete lift station systems with all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications for all 50 states.

Best Total System Price

Romtec Utilities offers customers a lot of options to reduce the price of a lift station. If price is your biggest concern, we can beat other options!

Full Range of System Sizes

Each lift station is different in terms of flow, head, and water chemistry. Romtec Utilities can provide systems ranging from small to very large.

Complete Field Services

To make sure your project goes smoothly, Romtec Utilities frequently sends our technicians to your job site to support and advise through the design-build process

Packaged Lift Stations

Packaged lift stations from Romtec Utilities begin with the complete design of your site-specific pumping system. Our engineers use your water type, flow and pressure requirements, site conditions, and available municipal power supply to design a pump or lift station to meet your particular requirements. Then Romtec Utilities works with you through the bid/purchasing process to supply all the structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications components for your pump or lift station design. With Romtec Utilities, you can get your pump or lift station supplied for contractor install, or you can choose to use our turnkey construction services.

Water Treatment Systems
Romtec Water Treatment Systems are one of the best options for final treatment in rainwater harvesting applications to complement a new or existing large collection and physical filtration system. Our rainwater harvesting skids work with a pump station “downstream” from the physical filtration system. Using UV filters and chemical injectors, these skids remove a higher level of biological and chemical contaminants than physical filters alone. The pump station moves the water through the treatment process and then on to a reuse application like irrigation or on to discharge.

Booster Pump Stations
Romtec Utilities offers water booster pump stations as an entirely integrated system with a site-built building, the complete mechanical assembly, the complete electrical controls, auxiliary power supply, and all the accessory options needed for each project. Each booster pump station is engineered for a specific water boosting application, such as municipal pressure boosting, fire suppression, or for filling a reservoir. We work to understand your preferences, design standards, and code requirements to provide the best and most complete booster pump station for your application.

Pump Station Repair or Retrofit
Romtec Utilities begins a repair or retrofit package by gathering information about what aspects of a pump station are going to be replaced or retained. We get this information by traveling to your pump or lift station site to evaluate the system. Then, our engineers can develop a plan to provide you with a pump or lift station solution that will function for years to come. You get the complete engineering of the repair or retrofit plan and the complete supply of the components for the project. Romtec Utilities can complete the installation of the repair or retrofit, or you can use your staff or a contractor.


Get Engineering Help Now

Our expert electrical, structural, and mechanical engineers are ready to help you! Submit your information and get help on your pump station project!

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We make it easy for you to receive free examples of real lift station drawings and specs. Submit your information, and we will send you samples of our design documents!