Control Building for Booster Pump Station with Stylized Features

Project Update: Retreat at RidgeGate Booster Pump Station

Control Building for Booster Pump Station with Stylized Features

Romtec Utilities engineers pumping systems for many different applications, including booster pump stations for residential drinking water. Booster pump stations have much different requirements than most pumping systems because of the water they handle and due to their typical location and operation. One recent project for a new housing development in Lonetree, Colorado exemplifies the requirements that a booster pump station can become subject to, making this product particularly well suited for Romtec Utilities.

Booster pump stations are typically installed inside of a building. This is done for security and other access purposes to protect the water utility. The inclusion of a building requires a different set of engineering disciplines that pump station engineers do not often provide. This means a different engineer and maybe a different contractor would be required. For the Retreat at RidgeGate Development, Romtec Utilities worked with the developer, Century Communities, and the Southgate Water & Sanitation District to pitch our combined capabilities.

Romtec Utilities is a sister company to Romtec, Inc, which specializes in many types of public buildings for municipal applications. With our combined expertise, Romtec Utilities provided proposals for an integrated building and booster pump station solution that cut out a substantial portion of costs for the customer. Additionally, our combined expertise allowed Romtec Utilities to demonstrate to the water district, which will own the system, that we are able to meet the stringent design standards for their jurisdiction. This included all structural, all mechanical, all electrical, and all communications systems in a single package through a single partner.

Part of what makes this project special is the stature of the development itself. The developer planned to construct high-end homes for the Retreat at RidgeGate. In order to match the aesthetics of the area, this booster pump station utility needed to fit in. Fortunately, Romtec is very skilled at providing any and all building finishes to meet all types of aesthetic requirements. In the end, stone wainscoting, stucco, a hip roof, garage doors, and custom colors helped transform this utility building into what appears to be a nice garage. Additionally, Romtec Utilities was able to provide a separate, HVAC controlled room for the electrical controls and a separate, private restroom for operations personnel working onsite.

This new booster pump station will soon be commissioned for use to supply consistent water pressure to the new homeowners at the Retreat at RidgeGate. Most people will drive right by it without realizing that the building is actually a control building for their water infrastructure. The designs disguise it perfectly as just another part of the neighborhood. Romtec Utilities is currently working on many other similar booster pump station projects with integrated control buildings, and this system for the Retreat at RidgeGate is a great example of how these systems should be executed.

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