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Romtec Expert Startup Technicians Assist in the Startup on Site
Before a pump station can be commissioned into service, it’s necessary to perform a successful startup of the system. For each of our pump station packages, Romtec Utilities sends one of our expert start-up technicians to the jobsite to assist the contractor with the startup. Startup services are typically a two-day process, with the first day covering the pump installation, electrical wiring to the control panel, checking all plumbing and equipment, and startup of the
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When building and designing pump stations, there are a variety of technical and performance specifications used throughout the process at Romtec Utilities. These specifications are used to ensure that the end owner receives the exact system they need which will function correctly for the given application and duty point. These specifications are used in concert with system shop drawings, as they provide the technical information necessary for bidding contractors to understand exactly what they will
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Wastewater Pumping System
Are you having trouble finding a cost estimate for a specific pump system with specialized needs? Look no further. We can help with the overwhelming feeling of where to start and help guide you step by step through the estimating process and eventually to a successful pumping system. At Romtec Utilities we have 21 years of experience working on hundreds of pumping systems which gives us the ability to provide cost estimates for all system
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Romtec Utilities is a one-stop shop for all structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of a packaged booster station, and can even offer the integration of a control building from our sister company Romtec, Inc. into the system package. Control buildings house important system components, protecting them from weather and vandalism, keeping the booster station out of sight, and lengthening the life of the system. Integrating a control building into the project can greatly improve
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Potable Water Booster Station
Romtec Utilities designs and supplies custom pumping systems to meet the needs of each project, and can supply lift stations, valve vaults, booster stations, and more. Included with the cost of your Romtec Utilities system, our start-up services ensure that our systems are working as designed and ready to be fully commissioned into service. Lift stations and booster stations have similar components but are fundamentally different when it comes to commissioning. This is in part
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