Booster Pump Stations


Romtec Utilities designs complete booster pump stations with all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communication systems included. Our water pressure booster systems feature both the pumping system and the complete control building into a single integrated package. Romtec Utilities provides the total scope for the water booster pump station to meet all applicable local and state codes for the building and the complete pumping system. Each pressure boosting system is designed and supplied with a custom controller, including touchscreen HMIs and other control options. Romtec Utilities offers extensive options for accessories such as building HVAC, chemical injector systems, interior lifting cranes, electronically operated dampers, sound attenuation, emergency eye-wash and shower stations, auxiliary power, and more.

Typical Booster Pump Station Applications:

Pumping Scenarios

  • Potable Water Pressure Booster
  • Municipal Water Pressure Booster
  • Apartment Complex Pressure Booster
  • Hotel Water Pressure Booster
  • Fire Suppression Booster
  • Commercial Water Pressure Booster
  • Residential Water Pressure Booster

Flow Ranges

  • Low Flow Lift Stations (25 – 100 gpm)
  • Medium Flow Lift Stations (100 – 300 gpm)
  • High Flow Lift Stations (300 – 1000 gpm)
  • Super high flow Lift Stations (1000 – 5000+ gpm)


  • Simplex Pump Configuration
  • Duplex Pump Configuration
  • Triplex Pump Configuration
  • Submersible Pump Configuration
  • Jockey Pump Configuration
  • Turbine Pump Configuration
  • Inline Booster Pumps

Design Options:


  • Integrated Buildings
    • 60 sq. ft. up to 5,000 sq. ft.
    • 8” CMU Block Walls
    • Completely Customizable
    • Multiple Exterior Finish Options
  • Standard Man Doors
  • Double Door Options
  • Roll Up Door Options
  • HVAC
  • Roof Hatches
  • Engineered Foundations
  • Buildings Options
    • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation
    • Solar Options
    • Interior and Exterior Lighting
    • Lighting Panels
    • Eye-Wash Stations
    • Overhead Cranes Options
    • Utility Sinks


  • Pumps (All Brands Available)
    • End Suction Centrifugal
    • Vertical Turbine
    • Vertical Inline End Suction Pumps
    • Vertical Multistage Pumps
  • Discharge & System Piping
    • Any Material
    • Custom Piping Headers
  • Valve Configurations
    • Above-Grade
    • Below-Grade
    • In-well
  • Operational Valves
    • All Types Available
    • All Brands Available
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Flow Meters
  • Pressure Tanks


  • Enclosures (Any NEMA Rating)
    • Free-Standing
    • Wall-Mounted
    • Shelter Mounted
    • Interior & Exterior
  • Control Panels (UL Listed)
    • Alternator
    • Logic Relay
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
    • Touchscreen HMI
    • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
    • Soft Starters
    • Motor Control Centers
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Generators & ATS
    • All Brands
    • All Fuel Types


  • Telemetry
    • Autodialer
    • Radio Modem
    • Cellular Modem
    • Ethernet
    • Fiber Optics
    • Dry Contacts
  • SCADA Integration

Free On-Site Services

  • Construction Advisor
  • Lift Station Start-Up
  • Personnel and Staff Training

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