Monolithic Precast Wet Well Bases

Monolithic Precast Wet Well Bases Beyond 8 Feet Monolithic Precast Wet Well Bases are the unsung heroes of wastewater infrastructure, providing the essential foundation for the proper management of sewage and wastewater. These structures often need to handle significant volumes, and their design and construction become increasingly complex when the internal diameter exceeds 8 feet. The term “monolithic” may suggest that the entire structure is poured in one continuous operation, but this isn’t always the case. Typically, monolithic precast wet well bases consist of two key …

Globe-Style Silent Check Valves

Pump Station Check Valve Basics

Check valves are an important component of any lift station design. Without check valves, the pumps and wet well of a lift station can be subject to damage from backflow. Backflow occurs when the lift station pumps stop operating and the water in the force main and discharge piping flows back into the wet well. In virtually every case, the backflow creates high levels of hydraulic pressure that pumps and wet wells are not designed to handle. The solution is a check valve. This simple device is available in several models and configurations and each variety can impact the design and cost of a lift station system.