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Are you a real estate developer looking to build out several projects over the coming years that are similar in size, scope, and feasibility?

Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs complete pumping systems for retail outlets, offices, and residential development.

We’re able to consistently repeat pump stations for commercial real estate development while also prioritizing the safety and maintenance of the system.

Whether it’s a wastewater or stormwater pump station, we prioritize repeatability with our customers.

Hampton Park Stormwater Pump Station - Site

Repeatability is Key

Romtec Utilities works through the design process of the pump station with the customer and documents all of the preferences of the owner. When a project is finished, the complete lift station design is thoroughly documented for easy repetition and ease of the owner.

This documentation is helpful when building out future projects, when similar design aspects are used to keep the projects similar for maintenance consistency.

Component Drawing for Wastewater Lift Station

Design & Operational Safety

Romtec Utilities puts safety first in the design and operation of our client’s pump stations.

Because we supply custom systems around the standards and requirements of the end owner, they will be familiar with the equipment and therefore be able to work safer and smarter.

We work with the end owner on the configuration and layout of the equipment, again catering (as much as possible) to the maintenance staff and comfortability around the equipment.

As often as we can, our submersible systems are designed to be accessed and maintained from the hatch opening. In other words, no one should ever have to go down into the wet well to perform maintenance or access the equipment. All equipment (pumps, level sensing, etc.) should be able to be removed from the surface level of the lift station.

We clearly document the pump station with complete system drawings, cutsheets, and operational summaries. This information is included in the detailed operation and maintenance manuals.

Romtec Utilities will commonly incorporate fall protection when needed on any structure. This is often “rigid” safety grates but depending on the owner could be a netting like material.

We design and supply every pump station with the safest equipment and configurations at the best possible value to our customers.

Importance of Maintenance in Design Layout

Romtec Utilities designs pump stations according to the needs and abilities of the owners and the entity that will be maintaining the system.

It is important to include controls that are understood by maintenance staff and in layout design, Romtec Utilities keeps maintenance in mind, creating the space for common maintenance to be performed on the system. Additionally, maintenance is much easier when Romtec Utilities is hired to design and supply multiple stations that match in terms of controls and components.

Consistency with controls of the pump stations help the maintenance staff do their job well.

Having a familiar equipment layout helps the staff to know where everything is located when it comes time to access them for maintenance.

Romtec Utilities provides detailed Operating and Maintenance manuals that go in depth about the system. It’s a great resource for the maintenance staff.

We start the conversation early in the project as far as, “who is the entity responsible for maintaining the system?” “Have they maintained systems like this previously?”. If the answer is no, we set them up with local maintenance reps that can provide them with the boots on the ground support that they need. These are maintenance entities that will typically quote an annual, or biannual maintenance agreement with the owner.

Romtec Utilities is always available for over-the-phone troubleshooting and support.

Pump Operated Chemical Feed Odor Control System

Commercial Real Estate Development

At Romtec Utilities we have the experience, staff, and capability to deliver multiple pump stations with consistent controls, design documentation, and layouts for various commercial real estate developments. In our design process we prioritize the safety, operation, and maintenance of the system for long term success.

Being able to repeat the same layout or controls can be very helpful for maintenance staff who ensure the system is running properly day in and day out. Having the complete pump station design documents makes repeatability seamless.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next commercial real estate development pump station project, as we have worked in every state across the country with hundreds of satisfied end owners.

Commercial Pumping Systems

Housing Development Lift Station

A residential lift station or a housing development lift station can be necessary as these projects typically serve a lot of new customers.

At Romtec Utilities we add value to developers with our ability to meet the housing developer’s interests with fast timelines to keep the project moving. Our design experience on hundreds of lift stations over the years gives us the unique ability to design a system to meet a projects timeline.

We can cater to the owner’s interests with unlimited options for the design of the residential pump station to match their standards or comfort level. Providing a system that meets the needs and preferences of the owner is essential to the long-term success of any housing development lift station.

Romtec Utilities has provided the design and supply of many systems in the Vancouver, Washington area that end up being owned by Clark Regional Wastewater District. A developer is responsible for a residential lift station while adhering to the local Clark Regional design standards.

One project was the Seton residential pump station which was a phased lift station that was designed to accommodate larger or additional equipment to better manage anticipated future flows. These lift stations are supplied for housing developments whose flows will increase as more houses or units are added to the system.

Another project Romtec Utilities designed and supplied was for a new residential development in Ridgefield, Washington called the Kennedy Farm Development which has over 240 homes.

We have completed several housing development lift stations in the Clark Regional Wastewater District including helping the district develop a modern design standard for their pump stations.

Whether you are developing a commercial property or a residential neighborhood, at Romtec Utilities we can design a system to meet the project requirements, maintenance needs, and construction timelines.

Neighborhood Wastewater Pump Station

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