Control Panel Repair/Retrofit

Typical Control Panel Retrofit Requirements

  • Upgrade from a proprietary controller to a site-specific PLC.
  • Upgrade from an existing pump type and horsepower to a new pump type and horsepower.
  • Upgrade from an existing level control to a new level control device.
  • Add (or change) an existing communication system to a new system or a specific SCADA system.
  • Evaluation of an existing system relative to various state and local codes.
  • Develop or update software code to provide expanded operation and communication functionality.
  • Develop plans to move an existing controller from below grade to above grade or vice versa.
  • Integrate other systems to existing or new controls. For example, auxiliary power, flow meters, data & readout, dosing pumps, etc.

Retrofit AutoCAD Plans

HMI Screen Examples

Control Panel Retrofit Process (Order of Business)

  • On-site evaluation of existing control panels and system layout.
  • Evaluation of any and all existing documentation.
  • Evaluation of an existing problems or issues related to the existing system.
  • Clear determination of the anticipated new retrofit configuration and subsequent control and operational parameters.
  • Develop scope of work for the control panel and control system retrofit.
  • Develop engineered control panel and system drawings.
  • Manufacture, delivery, install, and start-up of the new retrofit configuration.
  • Provide O&M documentation, training, and warranty.

Typical Control Panel Repair Requirements

  • Repair of enclosure or structural damage.
  • Repair or replacement of:
    • Pump starters
    • Relays
    • PLCs
    • HMIs (Touchscreen)
    • VFDs
    • Level-Sensing devices
    • Any and All control panel components

Control Panel Repair Process (Order of Business)

  • On-site evaluation of existing problems
  • Determine if the problem can be repaired onsite during the evaluations visit.
  • Repair as necessary, or identify the problem and write a proposal for a repair of some greater scope.