Building Construction

Romtec Utilities’ often partners with our sister company, Romtec, Inc., to design, supply, and install buildings for our pump station sites. The benefit of purchasing your building from Romtec Utilities along with the pump station, is the insight and understanding of both pump station and building, design and maintenance. Arriving to a level site, Romtec Utilities will both design and pour the foundation, constructing the entire CMU building on-site.

Shelter Construction

Simpler than building construction, the Romtec Utilities shelter will arrive as just a few parts for a complete installation on site. Installation of the Romtec Utilities shelter should take less than a week to complete.

Booster Pump Buildings

With the combined expertise of building and booster station design, supply, and construction, Romtec Utilities is particularly well suited for booster pump station and building projects. Utilizing these expertise, Romtec Utilities understands the intricacies of designing and installing both the system and the building while maintaining the project’s construction schedule and meeting all local codes and design standards. Romtec Utilities also offers the unique opportunity of hiring a single entity for the entirety of your next booster station project which ultimately consolidate costs.

Restroom Buildings

Matching Restroom and Pavilion

The staple to any public park location, Romtec Utilities’ sister company, Romtec, Inc., specializes in the design and supply of site-built restroom buildings as well as many other public structures. Often, these restroom designs are also incorporated into control and booster pump station buildings for Romtec Utilities projects as a comfort for the maintenance staff.

Electrical Control Buildings

Wastewater LIft Station with Integrated Control Building

When it comes to the structural considerations, a control building is a very useful, and often times required, feature for a new pump station. Romtec Utilities simplifies this process by offering complete control buildings that are fully integrated with the pumping systems through a single partner. It is a big advantage to utilize a company like Romtec Utilities that really understands how pumping systems work, how code requirements govern a design, and how your system and the building will function together.

Vehicle Storage Buildings

Combining any number of features such as vehicle storage with a control or booster station building for public personnel is a great value to the tax payers. Depending on the building requirements, Romtec Utilities, with the help of our sister company, Romtec, Inc., has successfully worked through many building departments to get mixed-use building designs approved.

Gatehouses & Guardhouses

Gatehouse Building for Security Personnel Onsite

Gate and guardhouse designs carry their own challenges in terms of design. Location, site, and necessary features such as Wi-Fi, HVAC, and office space, make designing these little buildings a difficult undertaking for an inexperienced architect. However, Romtec Utilities’ sister company, Romtec, Inc., is well versed in the intricacies of designing these important structures.

Treatment Buildings

Snoqualmie Ridge II Control Building and Odor Control Tank

Each pumping system has unique specifications which sometimes include chemical feeds and odor control systems. Depending on the system, Romtec Utilities can provide and integrate the odor control and chemical products necessary into the system and control building.

SCADA & Monitoring Buildings

For a variety of reasons, pump stations are often located off the beaten path and can be the target of vandalism and theft. To the benefit of maintenance staff, control buildings protect communications equipment such as S.C.A.D.A. SCADA-Connect offers a premier solution for control panel telemetry suitable for pumping systems and other control applications. A control building provides a safe and comfortable space to house the controls for the system and for the staff to monitor this equipment.