Design & Engineering Services


Romtec Utilities design and engineering services provide complete pump and lift station plan sets with all associated documentation. Our complete design package can be attached to any large project specification for the pump or lift station design. We give you everything you need to get the pumping system aspect of your project approved and moving forward. Romtec Utilities can design pumping systems to meet any municipal standards in all 50 states and on international projects. Working with your design criteria and specified standards, Romtec Utilities will design a system to meet the needs of any customer.

Specifications Documents:


Plan Set Drawing for a Romtec Utilities System

Romtec Utilities supplies sealed drawings and plan sets with complete pump station designs.

Scope of Supply

Romtec Utilities provides a complete scope for all services and the bill of materials.

Design Criteria

Romtec Utilities uses site-specific design criteria to specify the complete system.

On-site Equipment Layout

Romtec Utilities provides an equipment layout for your site-plan with the final system orientation.

Product Data Sheets

The complete component data sheets are provided for review and approval to meet design specifications.

Complete Plan Sets

Romtec Utilities provides the complete submittal for inclusion in your bid package or specification.