Control Buildings & Shelters

Open Shelters

Romtec Utilities offers 2-post, 4-post, and 6-post shelters to shade electrical components, add lighting, cover hatches, generators or controllers, and provide operators with weather protection.

Booster Pump Buildings

For Booster Pump Buildings, Romtec Utilities and its sister company, Romtec, work together to provide the combined expertise of building design and pump station engineering. The booster pump station building houses the pumps, piping manifold, hydronomatic tanks, variable frequency drives, control panel(s), and automatic transfer switch. These buildings can be fully customized to meet any site-specific requirements including exterior siding packages to “blend” in with the building’s surroundings.

Generator Buildings

Integrating a generator into the design of a control building requires extensive knowledge on how both the generator and control buildings operate. Indoor generators offer significant benefits in many applications where security and protection are necessary and can even enhance the aesthetic of pump station sites.

Chemical Storage

Romtec Utilities designs and supplies custom buildings to house chemicals for wastewater and clean water applications. In addition to housing the chemicals, the building can house any required pumping equipment or control panels.

Control Buildings

Romtec offers custom control buildings for electrical housing, on-site storage applications, generators, backup power, and controls.

Control Kiosks

Wastewater Lift Station with Two Post Shelter

Control kiosks by Romtec are perfect for protecting electrical control configurations and operators from the weather.

Custom Buildings – Office, Water Testing, Bathrooms, & More

Odor Control System and Control Building

Romtec Utilities control buildings and shelters are available for any pumping application or other use. Each Building is fully customizable to meet specific project needs and all code requirements.

Model 2643

Integrated Control Building

A medium sized building capable of housing a generator with electrical controls.

Model 2646

Integrated Control Building with Spanish Tile

A wide floor plan makes this a great option for booster pumps stations or other configurations.

Model 2645


Over 380 sq. ft. can house multiple generators, controls, storage, and more components.

Model 2640

Single Pitch Control Building

A small, shed-style building for electrical housing or on-site storage applications.

Model 2641

Park Equipment and Control Building

A small but wide building perfect for housing electric controls and other connections.

Model 2642

Equipment and Control Building with Roll Up Door

A roll-up door and man door provide accessibility to this control or storage building.

Model 2644

Concrete Block Exterior on Control Building

Extra length gives this building added space for storage along with backup power and controls.

Model 2647

Brown Control Building with Double Man Door

An over 525 sq. ft. footprint provides space for above-grade valve/meter assemblies and more.

Model 2648

Pump Station Control Building

This large building can handle large pumping systems, controls centers, or expanded storage.

Model 2649

Attractive Maintenance and Control Building

This large building offers nearly 1,000 sq. ft. for housing systems, storage, workspace, and more.

Model 2801

Large 3 Bay Maintenance Building

This large building offers space for vehicle parking along with any type of pumping system configuration.

2-Post Shelter

2 Post Steel Shelter

A small shelter to shade electrical components, add lighting, and provide operators with weather protection.

4-Post Shelter

Steel 4 Post Shelter

A medium shelter for larger electrical control configurations, lighting, and weather protection.

6-Post Shelter

6 Posst Steel Selter

A large shelter to cover hatches, controllers, and generators, as well as adding protection benefits.

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