On-Site Contracting

Excavation Contracting

The first step to the pump station installation process, the installing contractor or sub-contractor is going to dig based on the needs of the pump station and according the civil engineer’s site plans. They will also prep the location for the pump station, dig any trench lines necessary, and add any shoring.

Underground Construction

The hired installing contractor will be advised by Romtec Utilities on how to install the wet well, orient the wet well, connect the pipes to the structure, connect the inlet and discharge pipes, and set the valve vaults, and/or any vault structures. The underground contractor will all be responsible for any non pre-installed mechanical or prefabricated components.

Site Grading & Paving

Once the system is entirely connected from the control panel to the wet well and to any of the vault structures, and the pipes are connected to the system and all conduits are laid out, the excavated area should be filled with dirt, graded, and paved. This work is typically handled by the hired installing contractor or a subcontractor.

Building Demolition

On occasion, the removal of an existing building is necessary in order to install a new pumping system. In this case, Romtec Utilities or a local contractor will be required to demolish the structure and properly dispose of it, according to the regulations of the local jurisdiction.

Utility Hook-up Installation

NEMA 4 Enclosure with Transparent Faceplate

Romtec Utilities will help determine the needs of the pump station and then the dry utility consultant will specify all of the switch gear and meters needed for the station’s given application to be installed by the installing contractor. Finally, the local utility will come out to connect utility power to that equipment and set the meter base.

Construction Estimation

Attractive Stormwater Pump Station

Romtec Utilities is happy to provide estimates for construction and installation by a local contractor based on system size and location.

Mechanical & Plumbing

All of the mechanical and plumbing that is not prefabricated and/or pre-installed by Romtec Utilities will be installed on site by the hired contractor. This may include inlet pipes, discharge pipes, and interconnections between the equipment, drain backs between the valve vaults, or interconnections to the junction box.

Electrical Installations

Electrical Controls Configuration for Control Panel

Romtec Utilities will design and supply the control panel but all electrical connections to and from the control panel will be done by the site electrical contractor. That would include any field connections for the pumps, level sensing, flow meters, pressure switches, and incoming power. All conduit runs to and from the control panel, and to the vault and/or wet well, will also be by the electrical contractor.

Shoring & Dewatering

Underground Installation of Concrete Wet Well with Groundwater

The installing contractor or excavating subcontractor will be responsible for excavating the area, placing the shoring, and prepping for the Romtec Utilities pump system. Then, for leveling the floor of the excavation site and handling any dewatering that may be necessary.