Attractive Control Building Protecting Equipment

Getting an Integrated Pumping System & Control Building

Attractive Control Building Protecting Equipment

Romtec Utilities offers expertise in all of the various disciplines that go into designing, manufacturing, and supplying the best pumping systems available. This includes all the electrical, mechanical, communications, and structural elements. When it comes the structural considerations, a control building is a very useful, and often times required, feature for a new pump station. The challenge with a control building is that it will often require a separate engineering firm than the pump station designer. It may also require multiple contractors depending on the bid requirements and skills of the bidding contractors. Romtec Utilities simplifies this process by offering complete control buildings that are fully integrated with the pumping systems through a single partner.

Interior of Control Building with Pump Station Controls

Most Engineering and design firms specialize in different areas, and even within specific disciplines, there are many even more precise focuses. Romtec Utilities specializes in complete pump stations including all the structural engineering for control buildings. This is not a common skillset for a lot of engineering firms that handle the design of pumping systems, even though a lot of pump station projects require some form of control building or shelter for the system. This leaves many customers left to hire an additional firm for these types of structures. Using two firms not only adds cost, but it is not always a guaranteed fit for the integration of the system.

Romtec Utilities has been hired to retrofit and redesign pumping systems where the mechanical equipment and the control building do not work together. A lot of times, the issues with integration revolve around simple things like floor space or maintenance. It is not uncommon to see a valve located too close to a wall such that it cannot be properly accessed to operate. It is also not uncommon to see electrical equipment located too close to classified spaces or other hazards that violate NEC and NFPA design standards. We have even seen buildings where there was no way to get pump in and out of the facility. It is a big advantage to utilize a company like Romtec Utilities that really understands how pumping systems work, how code requirements govern a design, and how your system and the building will function together.

Control Building for Lift Station

In addition to the design advantages, Romtec Utilities also will manufacture and deliver the complete pumping system and the complete building materials. This gives our customer top to bottom control over all materials and finishes. It also prevents the miscommunication that can occur between designers and installers. Romtec Utilities provides onsite technicians through the installation to help address any concerns or questions along the way. Romtec Utilities can also install the complete control building if necessary.

Utility Control Building with Fenced Enclosure Around Pump Station

Control buildings, structures, and pumping systems are often included in the same project, but it is not always a straightforward process to get the complete system designed, supplied, and installed. Romtec Utilities specializes on all aspects of a pumping system including the control building or shelter. This helps our customers get the best systems possible with complete integration from start to finish. To learn more about our control buildings and other structures, contact Romtec Utilities today and speak to our sales team about your project.

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