Lakehurst Naval Air Station

Project Details:

In 2008, the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey began a study to determine the impact of growth in nearby communities on the regional wastewater system. The study evaluated the active wastewater collection and treatment systems to ensure that new growth would not harm the wastewater system on the base. This study discovered many areas of improvements for the base and its own wastewater system, including some outdated septic systems and lift stations.

One lift station evaluated in the study required demolition and replacement in the Lakehurst Naval Air Station section of the Joint Base. This new lift station would include increase pumping capacity and a new force main to the treatment facility at the base. The new force main would be shorter and would not have as much dynamic head in order to reduce the cost of the new lift station.

The Joint Base hired Pennoni Associates as the site engineer to design the new wastewater system, including the new force main and lift station upgrade. DJs Mechanical was selected as the installing contractor for the new lift station and force main. In order to get the best value, the Joint Base and DJs mechanical explored other options to “value engineer” the new wastewater lift station. They found Romtec Utilities as a national lift station designer and supplier with expertise in pump station integration in all types of applications.


Romtec Utilities Scope of Work:

Romtec Utilities started on this project after DJs Mechanical requested information about assisting in value engineering its lift station project. Romtec Utilities reviewed the lift station design criteria and then proposed a new lift station design to meet the specification of Pennoni Associates as an equal solution. Romtec Utilities was selected for the design and supply of the new lift station based on the ability to reduce the overall cost of the system. Start-up, testing, training, and a complete system warranty were also attractive services that were valued by the Joint Base staff.

Garden State Precast supplied the concrete components of the lift station to reduce the cost of the project for the Naval Air Station. By finding a local precast concrete vendor in New Jersey, Romtec Utilities was able to save the Joint Base a substantial amount of money on the supply side of the new lift station.

The lift station was designed as a duplex system. It included 7.5 HP macerating pumps with Weil Slicer Pumps to handle solids in the wastewater. The “slicer” pumps were the preferred pumps of Pennoni Associates for the this lift station, and Romtec Utilities was able to integrate this preferred brand and pump style into a more affordable lift station package.