Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

Preparing Structural Components Prior to Delivery

Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, and manufactures pump stations as complete packages, including all structural components like wet wells, valve vaults, meter vaults, and more. We prepare each of these structures prior to delivery so they can be installed quickly and easily by the awarded contractor. Some of the preparation work involved during fabrication includes installing mechanical assemblies directly into the structure, installing mounting hardware, identifying and labeling each prefabricated unit, and applying any interior/exterior coatings or liners. Romtec Utilities completes this work to deliver a comprehensive package that is easy to install and fulfills the project specifications.

Romtec Utilities Concrete Structures for Pump Station Sump

Pump stations comprise multiple structural and mechanical assemblies that can be difficult for inexperienced contractors to install. One example is a valve assembly. This assembly contains a lot of parts and hardware that need to be assembled exactly as designed to function correctly. Our experienced production and manufacturing crews fabricate the complete assembly directly in a vault structure or onto a skid. Then we pressure test the assembly to ensure that it is operating as intended prior to shipping it. This approach greatly reduces the time required for construction onsite, since each assembly can be “set-in-place” and oriented per the plans. The contactor only need connect each assembly to complete the installation.

Wet wells are another structural component found in nearly every pump station. Typically, these sumps are constructed from precast concrete, polymer concrete, fiberglass, or even stainless steel. One thing all of these have in common is that they will require multiple penetrations that need to be made for inlet lines, discharge piping, and electrical wiring. Most pipes are not flexible, so these penetrations have to be made in exact locations. Working with the site engineer, Romtec Utilities will determine the appropriate locations for all penetrations. Once determined, penetrations are completed prior to delivery of the system by the wet well fabricator or by Romtec Utilities. This allows each penetration to be oriented correctly per the design drawings and avoids completing this work in the field, which can have a high price tag or lead to mistakes.

Wet Well Riser Being Guided Into Place

Wet wells often arrive in multiple sections called barrels (round) or risers (rectangular). These can be hard to differentiate onsite during unloading and installation. To help contractors, Romtec Utilities can identify each barrel or riser section in the order it needs to be installed. Alignment brackets also assist contractors with installation of round precast concrete wet wells. These durable metal brackets make lowering the wet well much easier utilizing a peg and a guide bracket. Each barrel will have a peg on the bottom that corresponds to a bracket at the top of the preceding piece. All the contractor must do is align the peg and the bracket, and the barrel will be oriented correctly. This ensures that each section’s orientation is exactly as drawn. Finally, Romtec Utilities can apply any coatings or linings needed on any component.

Romtec Utilities prepares every structural component used in our pumping systems so that they arrive onsite ready for a quick and easy installation. We inspect each section of our wet wells, valve vaults, and any other components in the system for any issues that could affect proper function of the system. Prior to delivering the system we will fabricate all mechanical assemblies, pressure test pipe/valve/meter assemblies, and identify important pieces of information in our documentation and on the structure itself. Preparing our structural components is just one of the many services Romtec Utilities provides to our customers. Contact us today for more information on how we can help get you your next pumping system!

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