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Residential Development Growth and New Lift Stations

Wastewater Lift Station for a New Housing Development

Last week, the US Census Bureau released a report about new home sales across the country. It contained some great data for economic forecasts across several industries. One of these industries is the world of wastewater pumping systems. As new residential developments are constructed, the new homes must have either a connection (typically via a pumping system) to municipal sewers or private septic systems. Because of Urban sprawl, septic systems are used less and less in favor of increasing sewer infrastructure. Romtec Utilities works with developers every day to provide these types of lift stations quickly, reliably and affordably.

Residential Development Wastewater Lift Station

The Census Bureau report reveals a consistent trend going back to the beginning of 2013. During this period, new home sales have remained fairly steady with slight growth patterns, but new homes for sale have increased consistently. There was a slight dip in January, but that is typical as winter is difficult for construction. In the past six months, the ratio of new homes for sale to new homes sold has dropped consistently, even as more new homes are available. This shows that there is a reliable demand from home buyers for new homes. These numbers supports trends that we have experienced at Romtec Utilities. More and more developers are contacting us for new wastewater lift station projects.

When Romtec Utilities was founded, our core business was with developers. Our business model is well suited to the process of working with developers and municipalities to get lift station projects designed, approved, and installed quickly. Since that time, our design and manufacturing capabilities have expanded greatly to include a wide range of pumping systems from industrial to manufacturing and even retrofit/rehabilitation projects. While we continue to develop new projects in these industries, working with developers again is a natural fit as this sector continues its growth trends.

Wastewater Lift Station for a New Residential Development

Developers can utilize Romtec Utilities the best by first collecting information on the applicable municipal standards and the municipal personnel responsible for reviewing the lift station plans. When Romtec Utilities has this information early in the design phase of a project, new wastewater lift stations can be completed correctly and in a very short amount of time. With limited construction months and a strong market forecast, getting lift stations completed quickly is a great advantage for residential and commercial developers. Romtec Utilities is ready to help get your development project a new lift station quickly.

If you are looking for more information about Romtec Utilities development projects, check out our project section and check the “New Development Wastewater” box to see a sample of some of our lift station projects for developments. With the information in Census Bureau report, you can expect to see more new development projects up there soon!

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