Stormwater Pump System Installation of Wet Well

Romtec Utilities and Contractors

Stormwater Pump System Installation of Wet Well

Romtec Utilities works with many types of customers from municipalities to large engineering firms, and one customer that benefits the most by working with Romtec Utilities on new lift station projects is the contractor. The Romtec Utilities process for designing and supplying complete packaged lift stations is very suitable for the typical goals and priorities of contractors, namely schedule and costs. Romtec Utilities helps contractors get a complete lift station for wastewater, stormwater, or booster pump station applications that meet all municipal requirements and also meet their timelines and budget. Here’s how Romtec Utilities helps contractors on lift station projects.

Contractors can get involved in a lift station project in different ways, but typically a contractor will bid on a project that includes a lift station. Before the contractor makes a bid, Romtec Utilities works with contractors to understand the project, timeline, goals, and budget. This helps the contractor get competitive budgetary pricing to complete their bid. Another common situation is working with contractors who have won a project and then seek competitive pricing on the lift station portion. Romtec can often times value engineer and lift station design to be much more affordable and functional. All we work on at Romtec Utilities is designing and manufacturing pumping systems, and contractors can utilize our experience for improved pricing.

Installation of a Package Lift Station

Whether the contractor contacts Romtec Utilities before or after the project is awarded, the lift station designs must be reviewed and approved before installation can begin. Romtec Utilities really understands municipal lift station standards, and we can help speed through the review process to get our designs approved for installation. Romtec Utilities works on behalf of the contractor to provide all the documentation and revisions that are required to get the lift station approved. We also work with each individual contractor to establish a system of communication so that the values of the contractor are being met.

Romtec Utilities will manufacture the complete packaged lift station after the lift station design is approved by the municipality and purchased by the contractor. At this point, Romtec Utilities can schedule the complete delivery and installation to meet the contractor’s timelines. After the lift station is delivered, Romtec Utilities provides the contractor with a construction advisor. This field technician is available to assist the contract with the documentation or to provide insight on particular features or components. Our advisor is onsite as a resource to help contractors install the lift station without any delays.

Placement of a Fiberglass Wet Well

The final process is for Romtec Utilities to provide a field technician to start-up the lift station. This service allows Romtec Utilities to ensure that the lift station functions as intended at the time of start-up. In many cases, lift stations must go through a transfer of ownership, where a city or water management district will assume ownership of the lift station. The Romtec Utilities start-up technician provides documentation on the behalf of the contractor to verify to the end-owner that the system functions correctly and is in good condition for their management.

Contractors work on many different types of projects, and some projects include lift stations. Romtec Utilities works on nothing but pump and lift station projects. We understand the process for getting lift stations designed, submitted, approved, installed, and started-up, and we can help contractors get their lift station project completed on time and within their budget. Contact us today to discuss your lift station project or to find out how Romtec Utilities can help your future project. You can also chat with us in bottom right window.

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