Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

The Best Process for Prefabricated Pump Stations

Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

Romtec Utilities handles all types of pump station projects for many different applications. On virtually all of our projects, Romtec Utilities provides prefabrication services on major pump station assemblies. Prefabricated pump stations are a great advantage for owners and contractors alike as they reduce installation time and equipment requirements. With all of the benefits of prefabricated pump stations, there can also be confusion around how exactly these pump stations are engineered, delivered, and installed. In the vast majority of pump station projects, the system will be too large to prefabricate the entire pump station and ship it to the job site. So, what exactly is a prefabricated pump station?

Packaged pump stations typically comprise several large assemblies. There is the pump assembly, the valve assembly, the control panel, and many other potential auxiliary assemblies. They key to good prefabricated pump stations is to understand each assembly, how it all works together, and how it will be installed onsite. With this level of expertise and understanding, Romtec Utilities can specify in very great detail the complete scope of the prefabrication work as well as the scope of the work that will need to be completed at the time of install. This type of specification is key to the successful delivery and installation of a prefabricated pump station.

Cost Savings on Prefabricated Assemblies

In addition to specification and engineering documents, prefabricated pump stations also need to involve testing and quality assurance reviews. Prefabrication is not an advantage if the assemblies and components arrive onsite broken, faulty, or non-functional. Romtec Utilities always pressure tests and leak tests vault components, valve assemblies, and any other prefabricated pump station elements. Prior to shipment, each element gets a final review with the system engineer and our production personnel. This quality assurance check validates that everything is correctly assembled and functional per the drawings and the spec.

After developing a scope document and specification and after completing testing and Q&A reviews, the final step toward supplying great prefabricated pump stations is providing support during the installation. Romtec Utilities always sends an installation technician to our job sites when each system is delivered. This technician is not a member of the installation crew. The install tech evaluates the system components as they are offloaded to make sure nothing was damaged during shipment. Our install tech also helps the installing contractor with any questions about the prefabricated assemblies, their installation, or the specification and scope documents.

Simple Pump Station Installation with Prefabricated Vault

Prefabricated pump stations are a great product when they are completed through a process that clearly defines the prefabricated assemblies, evaluates the quality of the manufacturing, and ensures prefabricated assemblies are delivered correctly and ready for installation. Romtec Utilities has specific expertise in developing prefabricated pump stations, and it is no surprise that our customers are virtually always satisfied with our systems and our process. To start your own prefabricated pump station project, contact our sales team today!

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