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The Value of Implementing Municipal Design Standards

Standard Lift Station Design of the City

Romtec Utilities works with all sizes of urban and rural municipalities to establish and implement design standards for pump and lift stations. Using standard design practices improves the management and maintenance of all types of pump and lift stations for wastewater and stormwater applications. Creating, implementing, and imposing standards, however, can be difficult without the support of an expert in the engineering of these types of systems. Romtec Utilities will help any public water management agency get sustainable standards that can be used for every new pump or lift station project. Let’s look deeper at why these standards are valuable and how to get the correct engineering for your organization.

The value of design standards can be summarized in one word: consistency. Consistency begins with the design process. With design standards, the familiarity your organization has with your pumping systems grows with each new project. This allows your staff to review and approve new projects in a short amount of time with greater confidence that each new system will work exactly how you want. As long as your standards are maintained the municipal review process grows in consistency. In the early stages of using design standards, it helps to have a partner like Romtec Utilities to build a consistent review process.

Lift Station Design with Shelter and Generator

After a new pump or lift station is completed, the consistency of using design standards can be seen in the way systems are operated and maintained. In cities where lift station design standards are in-place, operators have higher familiarity and expertise in their specific systems. This provides municipalities with stronger capabilities to handle all the stations in their water management system. It also provides consistent components across multiple stations. This feature has many benefits. When each lift station uses the same brand of pumps or valves, the municipality only has to work with one manufacturer for repair or warranty issues. This allows for a relationship to be built between your organization and the component manufacturers. Romtec Utilities helps municipalities work with the best and most reliable component manufacturers that operate in the United States.

Romtec Utilities does this by working with your municipality to understand your specific capabilities and preferences for operating and maintaining pump or lift stations. There are no right or wrong preferences. Romtec Utilities can work with you to make certain you get a station that functions the exact way you want it to and that functions correctly. These preferences can range from electrical controls to pump technologies, fiberglass basins, valve access, fall protection, and much more. Our Engineering Department will walk you through your options to find out which components carry important preferences from your organization, building consistency in meeting your expectations.

Lift Station Control Panel Under Shelter

Another way that Romtec Utilities can help engineer design standards is by developing standards that apply to wastewater and stormwater systems. Many water management departments must handle both types of water, but lift stations should be designed appropriately for each water type. Romtec Utilities can balance your preferences to establish design standards suitable for wastewater and stormwater systems. Using separate standards based on your preferences give you the consistency and functionality required, but it also allows more design flexibility to save substantial costs for contractors and engineers that require a stormwater system. With Romtec Utilities, your municipal organization gets exactly what it wants, and contractors and engineers are able to provide it at a reasonable cost.

Romtec Utilities wants municipalities to get pump and lift stations that can be operated and maintained in a way that suits their organizations. We work to help get organizations the systems they want. This same process also helps contractors and engineers get pump and lift stations designed and approved quickly and with a nominal budget. By using well-defined design standards, everybody wins.

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