Giant Pipes for Large Amounts of Water in Groundwater Reclamation Site

American Investments in Water Infrastructure

Giant Pipes for Large Amounts of Water in Groundwater Reclamation Site

Romtec Utilities designs, supplies, and constructs pump stations for a wide range of applications that include all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications systems. Our product offering and business model are very broad because water infrastructure is such a wide ranging industry. Water is a fundamental resource that allows our society to function on a human level and on an industry level. The importance that water plays as an economic and social resource cannot be overstated. The United States governments have continued to invest heavily in water infrastructure in recent years both at the federal and state level.

Skid Mounted Booster Pump Station In Control Building

Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, announced that it was going to accelerate its spending to replace much of the nation’s aging infrastructure. This year alone, the EPA is slated to lend upwards of $4 billion dollars to fund projects to improve drinking water and clean water infrastructure. Recent events such as the water crisis that is ongoing in Flint, MI suggest that this type of spending is long overdue at the federal level. In addition to improving our national quality of water, this federal spending also will serve as a boon to employment, as the EPA estimates that over 6,000 jobs will be added nationally with this money.

Romtec Utilities is involved in many projects across the country and one increasingly active market with a lot of public investment is for water booster stations. We have seen a dramatic uptick in booster station projects come our way in that past 12 months and continuing on into this year. Essentially, water booster stations are used to deliver potable drinking water to residences and businesses with a minimum standard for the water pressure. Many booster stations are located in cities and municipalities integrated into control buildings that are designed to blend into a city environments. These type of projects can have a high costs in order to retain the most value for the public.

As we work through booster station projects, Romtec Utilities helps reduce design costs by integrating control buildings with the pumping systems. This dramatically reduces the front end design costs by utilizing one firm for the entire package. Even with the increased focus and spending for public entities, every public agency is tasked with making the most impact possible through the budget available. Romtec Utilities is working more and more in this sector as public agencies increasingly seek out better cost alternatives. Romtec Utilities brings this same level of value to all our markets, like sewer and stormwater, but the increased spending in potable water is one growing sector where added value is playing an important role in current projects across the country.

Romtec Utilities and our sister company, Romtec, have unique expertise in a niche market that develops products for small and large public and private organizations. Each entity has different process for approval and execution, and our proven track record works through any sized organization with any budget to meet or exceed the established requirements. Increased spending can, at times, lead to spending inefficiencies from high activity in the market, but with Romtec Utilities, you can rest assured public dollars are delivering high-value products and services with a cost savings over any competition. As the spending continues to increase, we will always be working to help our clients deliver results with efficient spending.

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