Denver Water Review Process

Getting Booster Station Designs Approved Through Denver Water

In order for large municipalities to function efficiently and maintain a large operation with complex systems, it must make best efforts in standardizing all aspects of a given project to help ensure that the proposed infrastructure additions are in line with expectations and will meet the municipal standards. Large Municipalities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, and Denver have stringent standards for design, configuration, equipment, and operation of pump stations.

Denver Water is Colorado’s most well-established water utility and serves over 1.5 million people within its infrastructure. Denver Water services much more than the City of Denver and includes areas such as Glendale, Lakewood, Southgate, Berkeley, and Cherry Hills. Per population growth analytics, Denver County’s size is rapidly increasing. This rapid growth rate burden’s the water utility with ensuring that residents continue to be served across the ever-increasing urban growth boundary.

As such, Denver Water has very stringent design standards that engineers must conform to in order to receive plan approval and construction permits. Pumping facilities such as domestic and fire booster stations must be designed in accordance with Denver Water’s codes and standards for approval.

Romtec Utilities has been through the arduous process of engineering, supplying, and commissioning booster stations acceptable to the water authority, and we are accustomed to meeting the requirements of any given municipality. Our system designs include architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans tailored specifically to Denver Water’s requirements in order to ensure that the review and approval process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. By performing the design and engineering of all disciplines of the booster station and control building in-house, Romtec Utilities is able to integrate the entire system into a complete packaged assembly and design.

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