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Lift Stations in Utah’s New Developments

Romtec Lift Stations For New Developments in Utah

Flood Plains Pump

Utah is one of the states in our nation that features unrivaled beauty and natural wonders. From rock formations to salt flats, national forests to canyons, national parks to small local parks, Utah’s landscape is truly one of a kind and a wonder to experience.

With so much natural beauty, it’s hard to escape the views of the mountain ranges, even within the city limits. Salt Lake City is almost circled by the mountains, and the numerous parks throughout the city connect residents to nature every day. Without a doubt, Utah is a treasure that more and more people are flocking to for vacation and for permanent residence.

Residential Development Lift Station

Romtec Utilities often supplies lift stations that are a part of much larger development projects with the ability to engineer and supply both stormwater and wastewater systems that are best suited for a new developments’ needs. As people flock to the natural wonders that Utah has to offer, growth is inevitable and when it comes time for new developments of homes and businesses, Romtec Utilities lift stations are there to serve the growing communities.

A new development has many challenges associated with its construction, and one of these challenges is how to handle the wastes that will be produced by the inhabitants of the development. In an ideal scenario, the development will be built on ground that is at a high enough elevation to allow all the waste to flow via gravity off to the treatment plant. If gravity is not an option, or the treatment plant is on the other side of a mountain, alternate methods are pursued. This is where lift stations come in. When customers come to Romtec Utilities to purchase a lift station, what they are buying is not only the lift station itself, but the expertise of Engineers, Project Managers, Installation Technicians, and Start-up Technicians to ensure that the system is successfully started and operational.

Site Layout

During the Sales process, Romtec Utilities gets as much information as needed from the civil engineer or contractor to determine flow rate and other important factors such as inlet and outlet pipe sizes, total dynamic head in the force main, peak inflow, invert elevations, and more in order to size the system. The more information that can be provided at the start of the process, the better, as it prevents the need for a redesign and revision of project documents and allows Romtec Utilities experts to determine the best features for the operation of the lift station from the beginning.

Romtec Utilities has supplied systems for residential developments, commercial developments, industrial developments, and even mixed-use developments. The needs for each development are going to differ greatly, but with our experience and expertise, Romtec Utilities can provide the ideal lift station (or stations) for the project.

Wastewater Lift Station with Control Building and Chemical Feed Odor Control

Depending on the development type, size, and location , either a stormwater or wastewater system may be needed. After the water type is established, numerous other site factors determine what additional features the system will utilize. For instance, lift stations that are located near inhabited areas may need an odor control system to ensure that odorous and sometimes toxic gasses from the wastes are controlled. Water type and amount of turbulence in the wet well will determine which level sensing devices would be most efficient. Some systems that Romtec Utilities provides feature numerous bells and whistles that will improve the operation of the lift station, while other systems are simple.

The daunting task of designing and engineering lift stations is Romtec Utilities specialty. From Sales through to Project Management, and Post-Sales after the start-up of the system, highly knowledgeable and skilled Romtec Utilities employees are in contact with the contractor or customer to make sure that the entire process runs smoothly and that any and all concerns are addressed.

As communities in Utah grow, new developments will be necessary to house and serve the residents, and Romtec Utilities looks forward to being able to work with Utah based agencies to bring these developments into the area and foster growth.

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  1. We are in the early stages of a single family development development for approximate 350 homes that would be annexed into the City of Syracuse Ut. The development will require a lift station however the City Codes prohibit the City from owning and maintaining lift stations. Are plans are to create a Special Services District to fund the operation. Now I am trying to identify companies that can manage the lift.

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